Maintenance Technician

Phillips Staffing Lancaster, SC

Manufacturing Technician

  • · Safely and efficiently start-up, operate, monitor, control, and shutdown manufacturing equipment so that intermediate and finished products consistently meet internal and external customer requirements and expectation
  • · Insure proper operating conditions and optimum capacit
  • · Understand how manufacturing equipment and process parameters affect intermediate and finished product properties and characteristics. Troubleshoot manufacturing equipment and process problems to identify root causes and take corrective action to resolve problems
  • · Recognize quality faults and make simple adjustments to insure good quality (learn and demonstrate a good understanding of the process whereby potential problems are corrected before they develop into off spec product)
  • · As production conditions dictate, other work will be assigned by supervisor to maintain efficient productio
  • · Perform routine maintenance as instructed to improve equipment reliability and process and product consistency
  • · Perform the job in a team-based environment with minimum supervision
  • · Apply understanding of manufacturing processes, production schedules, and cost factors to make timely cost effective decision
  • · Apply the appropriate process computing or desktop PC skill
  • · Material handling, properly packaging and labeling of intermediate or finished product for storage or shipment
  • · Take personal responsibility and build team accountability by taking action individually and as a group to continuously improve manufacturing equipment, products, and work processes

Qualifications Education/skills required

  • · High School diploma or GED; minimum two (2) years manufacturing experience.
  • · Must comprehend the process, be capable of analyzing changes in the process, and make timely decisions with minimal assistance. Technical skills and self-motivation are required as competency must be demonstrated within the 12 month qualification period. Basic computer skills are required to interface with process computer.
  • · Experience as an operator at a chemical plant preferred.
  • · Must be able to stand for extended periods of time and work in a non-climate controlled environment
  • · Must be able to work 12-hr rotating swing shift and overtime as needed
  • · Must be able to use hands/fingers to operate, activate, use, prepare, inspect, place detect and position productivity machinery such as production equipment and computers
  • · Must be able to be exposed to and work in a production environment that can experience extreme swings in temperatures both cold and hot. Must be able to stand and walk while working on a concrete floor 75% of the time
  • · Must to able to carry, lift, transport and position material weighing a minimum of 40lbs
  • · Must be able to climb stairs, ladders or balance to ascend, descend and traverse stairs and work platforms to perform work duties
  • · Must be able to stoop, kneel, crouch or position self to maintain and position material used in production

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