Director of Quality/Risk Management

Camp Recovery Lancaster, SC
The Director of Quality/Risk Management is responsible for organizing, leading, implementing and supervising day to day operations of the performance improvement and risk management programs. The director contributes to the organization's mission and vision by planning, designing, studying and assessing hospital-wide performance improvement, survey readiness programs, and risk prevention measures. They are responsible for coordination of internal performance improvement activities, leads and serves as a model for identifying opportunities for improvement throughout the organization, managing activities necessary to ensure appropriate utilization of the hospital and its resources while maintaining optimal achievable standards of patient care, as well as working collaboratively with the medical staff and leadership in support of process improvement and risk management goals.


* Must hold a current state license and must maintain license renewal in accordance with the standards of the State Boards

* Bachelor's degree in nursing, administration or healthcare related field; Master's degree preferred

* Three to five years of full-time management experience, with two years' experience in the area of quality and risk management.

* Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality or Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional, preferred

* Mental Health and substance abuse experience is preferred

* Demonstration of leadership, and the application of interpersonal skills and principles of supervision and administration

* Must be able to read, write, and speak English, as well as possess good verbal and written communications skills

* Good computer skills with minimal guidance

Job Responsibilities:

* Develops and implements systems, policies, and procedures for the identification, collection, and analysis of performance measurement data and risk related information.

* Collects and summarizes patient safety data monthly.

* Ensures that Joint Commission HBIPS data is collected and transmitted timely.

* Develops and implements the organization's risk management/performance improvement program in a manner that fulfills the mission and strategic goals of the organization while complying with state and federal laws and accreditation standards related to safety and risk management.

* Educates and trains leadership and staff on the risk management/performance improvement programs, and their respective responsibilities in carrying out the risk/performance improvement management program.

* Collects, evaluates, and maintains data concerning risk-related data and performance improvement indicators.

* Assists in processing summonses and claims against the facility by working with corporate office to coordinate the investigation, processing and defense of claims against the organization.

* Actively participates in or facilitates committees related to risk management, safety, and quality improvement.

* Coordinates and facilitates clinical risk management activities to prevent and/or to minimize losses associated with identifying risk, and to minimize and prevent claims of general liability against the hospital.

* Provides direction and coordination for the development and implementation of the performance improvement plan for Rebound Behavioral Health.

* Interfaces with all department managers at Rebound Behavioral Health. Responsible for guiding department managers in all performance improvement efforts and risk related issues.

* Monitors Joint Commission standards compliance on an ongoing basis, maintaining a constant state of readiness for survey. Ensures that Rebound Behavioral Health is in compliance with all regulatory standards (federal, state, and local).

* Annually reviews the Performance Improvement Plan and Risk Management Plan for Rebound Behavioral Health. Reviews the departmental indicators on a regular basis and makes recommendations as needed to ensure Performance Improvement efforts are effective.

* Responsible for quarterly reporting of hospital compliance data to the Board of Governors.

* Other duties as assigned.