Rolling Mill Operator

Ametek, Inc. Lancaster, MN
The AMETEK Hamilton Precision Metals plant custom re-roll precision metal strip and foil, including titanium, nickel and nickel-based alloys, stainless steel and super alloys with applications in medical, aerospace, electronics, process control among others. Markets include medical instrumentation, aerospace technology, computers and electronics and automotive industries.

Essential Functions:

* Operates a cold strip rolling mill to reduce strip metal to specified thickness and physical properties, often holding to very fine tolerances approaching the ultimate of the mill's capability.

* Positions material, frequently new and untried alloys, in rolling mill, adjust rolls and guides according to size and dimensions. Establish general processing techniques for new materials. Adjust controls to regulate flow of lubricant, machine speed, machine pressure, etc.

* Observe setup and gauges and measurement devices to assure the processing of quality material.

* Setup equipment and change rolls.

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