College Intern
Martin Marietta
 Lakewood, CO

About the Program:

The Martin Marietta internship is an investment in you. It is our way of identifying and developing the very best people and it is your portal to a challenging and rewarding career. When you join our team, you bring to the table your unique talents along with shared values of excellence and integrity. Many of our most valuable company leaders began their careers as interns.


Our Summer internship allow college students to learn our industry, right where the action takes place. This will be a hands-on experience for students, to learn the industry from the ground-up. You’ll work alongside some of the best in the asphalt business. This a great opportunity for students with minimal or no asphalt industry experience to gain first-hand knowledge.

The internship program may provide experiences in the following area:

  • Project Management
  • Overall Introduction to Asphalt & Paving Operations
  • Quality Control process
  • Safety program

Requirement: Current college students obtaining a construction management degree