Calibration Technician

FARO Technologies Lake Mary, FL

Work from production check lists, procedures, instructions, test plans, diagrams, prints, computer programs and similar documentation. Receive units following designated phases of production. Inspect units for completeness, alignment, cosmetics and compliance with customer order. Set up test fixture and ensure the proper calibration of test table and fixture, install designated ball bar and ensure proper alignment, attachment and positioning of unit. Set up and initiate computerized test, calibration and certification programs and respond to commands to physically manipulate unit through designated positions, collecting data to determine operating performance. Review record of data, ensure viability of test operations and determine unit's compliance with rigid standards for operation within exacting tolerances. Initiate communication of calibration data between computer and unit and perform operations to certify that unit performs within specified limits at all of a wide range of designated points. Compile documentation relating to test, calibration and certification of unit. Print and save files as required and prepare required certification documents. Control inventory of departmental equipment and units in for service. Requisition and maintain supplies of consumable materials used in departmental operations. Diagnosing arms that fail the accuracy requirements for cal/cert when needed. Providing a detailed report of where to begin troubleshooting to locate the problem.


Perform or assist with any departmental operations, as required or directed, to maintain work flow, operate within safe material handling limits to protect parts from damage and meet production schedules and requirements. Maintain safe work area and comply with safety procedures and equipment operating rules. Attend and participate in a variety of meetings and task force groups to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specified level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, requirements and policies. Act as administrative team leader as elected and/or assigned. Communicate general business, quality, performance and productivity issues to team members, monitor and report on team performance against plan and prepare and post team performance reports. Document, maintain and forward team attendance records. Recommend revisions to control documentation such as production checklists, operating procedures and policy manuals. Make and distribute authorized modifications as directed. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition. Perform other related duties as assigned.


Some lifting of lightweight material and occasional lifting of heavy weight material over 60 lbs, continuous bending and stooping, standing, reaching and upper body & arm rotation, occasional sitting and some use of hazardous chemicals.


Hand and hand power tools, step gauge, ball bar, test programs, test and calibration fixtures, required safety devices, electrostatic discharge equipment, fork lift, pallet jack, computer and common related peripherals.

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