Cook (Havasu)

Hangar 24 Brewery Lake Havasu City, AZ

Full-time / Hourly / Non-Exempt



Reports to:

General Manager

Overall Responsibilities:

Work in a team-oriented environment to prepare quality food in a high-volume, fast-paced, guest-centric environment.

Key areas of Responsibility:

* Execute every food order ticket with consistency, timeliness, and quality.

* Follow recipe and presentation guidelines for each dish.

* Prepare each dish with the intent to exceed guests expectations.

* Coordinate food orders to support timely and efficient delivery to each table.

* Ensures proper food safety and sanitation standards to ensure guest safety.

* Meet special guest requests while ensuring same high quality standards.


* 2+ years experience as a restaurant cook.

* Food Handlers Card

* Ability to satisfactorily communicate verbal and written English with guests, management, and co-workers.

* Ability to maintain complete knowledge of all cooking techniques which are required to prepare restaurant menu items, their preparation method/time, all ingredients and quality standards, taste, appearance, texture, temperature, garnish and method of presentation.

* Ability to maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of food service and preparation equipment.

* Ability to comprehend food orders.

* Demonstrates a commitment to service and organizational values.

* Exhibits professionalism of position through appropriate conduct and demeanor

Work Environment:

* Frequently noisy during periods of heavy customer attendance

* Potentially strong smell of wort permeates the area when beer is being brewed