Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Solaris HealthCare Lake City, FL
Solaris Healthcare Lake City is a fast paced 120 bed rehab and long-term care facility looking for energetic customer service oriented staff to join our team! Come apply today!

Position Summary:

Provides nursing care within scope of practice to insure resident's needs are met in accordance with standards of practice, physician orders, center policies and procedures, and state, federal and local guidelines. Currently licensed as an LPN.

Job Functions

* General Responsibilities

* Residents Rights

* Safety

* Staff Development

* General Nursing Care Responsibilities

* Nursing Care Responsibilities

* Demonstrates knowledge and appropriate use of the Solaris HealthCare Infection Control Manual.

* Understands, participates and assists in implementing the Quality Improvement Program.

* Notifies other Departments of resident changes, i.e., room changes, LOA, new admits, discharge, etc.

* Conducts family and resident education.

* Locates and uses emergency equipment when necessary.

* Demonstrates the ability to administer medications timely and according to facility policy.

* Demonstrates the ability to administer treatments timely and according to facility policy.

* Demonstrates ability to receive, transcribe, and carry out physician orders, as allowed by Nurse Practice Act

* Transcribes physician's orders to resident charts, medication/treatment cards and care plans, as required.

* Charts progress notes in an informative, factual manner that reflects the care administered as well as the resident's response to care.

* Follows established procedure for charting and reporting all reports of incident/accidents (residents and employees).

* Identifies and reports changes in condition to supervisor, physician and family.

* Accurately identifies skin changes and follows Solaris HealthCare skin management protocols.

* Orders and reports diagnostic tests timely.

* Conducts frequent rounds to evaluate effectiveness of care delivery.

* Orders supplies and charges for items ordered through Central Supply.

* Follows established procedures for restraint reduction.

* Follows facility policy and procedures in the event a restraint must be utilized.

* Assures that an adequate supply of personal protective equipment is on hand and are available for staff to perform procedures that involve exposure to body/blood fluids.

* Counts narcotics at the beginning and completion of each shift with the nurse leaving and coming on to the shift.

* Follows Pharmacy policy and procedures for ordering and delivering medications.

* Coordinates resident's rehabilitation program with therapies to ensure rehabilitation needs are met.

* Plans nursing interventions for each resident based on their individual needs and monitors the implementation.

* Special Nursing Care Responsibilities

* Food Service Responsibilities

* Documentation Responsibilities

* Care Plan Responsibilities

* Admission, Transfer and Discharge Responsibilities

* Other Responsibilities

* Administrative Responsibilities

* Special Activities/Attributes


Currently licensed as an LPN in this state. CPR Certified.


One year prior nursing experience preferred.

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