Mental Health Tech-LGMC LBHU-FT-Days

Lafayette General Health Lafayette, LA

Position Summary:

Supports nursing staff in maintaining a therapeutic milieu by performing routinely assigned tasks and carrying out patient care activities within the scope of the MHT's training and experience. The MHT will maintain a safe and professional standard for patient care according to facility mission, policy and procedure, and in accordance with all external regulatory and credentialing bodies.

DISPLAYS courtesy, caring and ethical values towards work functions.

DEMONSTRATESintegrity and diligence in fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements as set forth in the Corporate Compliance Plan.

TAKES INITIATIVEin achieving personal and professional goals and growth.

Actively PARTICIPATES and PROMOTES Performance Improvement activities.

Effectively MANAGES time, and facility resources.

* As reflected by direct supervision/ observation

* Patient Satisfaction Surveys

* New hire and/or annual training on Corporate Compliance & Ethics

* As reflected in compliance with time and attendance policy and responsible use of resources

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS include, but are not limited to:

Job Function

* MAINTAINSa safe and therapeutic environment.

* Continually MONITORS and ENFORCES compliance with unit rules.

* Effectively APPLIES supportive behavior when assisting in the control of patients who exhibit unacceptable behavior

* DEMONSTRATESthe ability to employ de-escalation and therapeutic interventions as needed.

* COMPLETESunit safety checks.

* INVENTORIESpatient belongings accurately and SECURES contraband as needed.

* ADHERESto safety regulations of facility as per policies and procedures and external regulatory/credentialing bodies.

* COMPLIESwith standard/universal precautions and infection control policies and ATTENDS required in-services to keep self informed.

* PERFORMS close observation, fall protocol and one to one protocol as directed.

* IMPLEMENTS PATIENT CARE ACTIVITIESunder the direction and supervision of licensed nursing personnel.

* PERFORMS vital signs, weights, ADL, nutritional monitoring, and communicates findings to the nurse.

* ASSISTS patients with laundry, meals, bathroom functions, and maintaining of belongings as needed.

* ASSISTS at risk/physically challenged patients with mobility needs as needed.

* INDIVIDUALIZESall patient care activities to the age specific/disability/ cultural sensitivity needs of the patient.

* COMMUNICATESand DOCUMENTS patient observation and date effectively.

* DOCUMENTSpatient's departure from unit (i.e., for passes, transport to doctor's appointments, community meetings) with 100% accuracy and within defined time lines.

* DOCUMENTS significant occurrences, observed behavior, vital signs, nutrition intake and patient observation findings on assigned patients and as requested by the registered nurse, with 100% accuracy and within defined time lines.

* COMMUNICATESoutcome of assigned tasks to nursing staff in a timely manner.

* COMMUNICATESfollow-up on patient care responsibilities; incomplete assignments, ongoing activities, and current patient needs to relevant staff to assure continuity of care.

* DEMONSTRATESa positive attitude, professional boundaries, and accountability in all professional contacts.

* COMMUNICATESappropriately and effectively with patients in a manner sensitive to their age/disability and cultural needs.

* MAINTAINS knowledge of changes in policies and procedures applicable to position and patient care.

* MAINTAINSpatientconfidentiality, RESPECTS patient rights, and treats patients with dignity.

* DEMONSTRATES knowledge of patient neglect/abuse and appropriate reporting/ communicating of such.

* WORKSwell with others, PROMOTES cooperation among staff members, contributes positively to setting to facilitate patient outcomes.

* PERFORMSall other duties and special projects as assigned.

Minimum Requirements


* CPR and CPI certifications upon hire. If not currently certified employee must attend hospital CPR/CPI training before working with the patients.

* High School diploma or GED mandatory.

* The MHT must be able to write and orally communicate effectively. The MHT must work well with diverse populations. The MHT must utilize Age, Disability, and Cultural Specific knowledge in working with specialized populations to best communicate with those clients.

* Must be in good physical and mental health as evidenced by a warm empathetic attitude, respect for dignity, worth and potentiality of clients and hold a high sense of personal integrity. Must be able to work under close supervision. Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions.


Must be able to stand on feet for long intervals and have dexterity to participate in physical restraint of patients when necessary. A certain amount of walking and standing are often necessary to carry out job duties. Lifting/carrying will routinely exceed 10 pounds and involves assisting patients in ambulation, positioning and ADL's. May be required to lift, roll, or otherwise assist in moving patients. May be subject to physical confrontation and possible assaultive behaviors from patients. The position also requires:


Extending the hands and arms in any direction.


Seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or otherwise working with the hand or hands.


Picking, pinching, and otherwise working with the fingers primarily.


Perceiving such attributes of objects and materials as size, shape, temperature or texture by means of receptors in the skin, particularly those of the fingertips.


Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word.


Perceiving the nature of sounds by the ear.


Obtaining impressions through the eyes of the shape, size, distance, motion, or other characteristics of objects. The major visual functions are: (a) acuity – far and near; (b) depth perception; (c) field of vision; (d) accommodation; (e) color vision. The functions are defined as follows:

Acuity – far clarity of vision at 20 feet or more

Acuity – near clarity of vision at 20 inches or less.

Depth perception three dimensional vision – the ability to judge distance and space relationships so as to see objects where and as they actually are.

Field of vision – the area that can be seen up and down or to the right or left while the eyes are fixed on a given point.

Accommodation - adjustment of the lens of the eye to bring an object into sharp focus. This item is especially important when doing near-point work at varying distances.

Work requires spending approximately 60% or more of the time inside a building which offers protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes. May be exposed to outdoor conditions as much as 40% ofduty hours.

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