Electrical Technician

Industrial Technology Co. Lafayette, IN
Candidate Responsibilities

This position requires a AAS degree in an accredited Electrical/Electronic Technician curriculum plus 3 years of experience, or a BS degree in an accredited Electrical/Electronic Technician curriculum plus 1 year of experience. Required experience must be development and/or validation of electronic systems for heavy industry and/or heavy-duty vehicles. Candidates must have the ability to communicate effectively with team members, customers, and suppliers. Industrial experience with design/development/support of natural gas, diesel or gasoline engine systems is highly desired.

As a member of the LPSD Large Gas/DF Engine Mechatronics team, the successful candidate will be responsible for validating engine and after treatment control systems on current and future natural gas/dual fuel engine products.

Typical Day

Specific responsibilities include: Performing system development and validation employing system tests on HIL benches, engines and field sites that result in acceptable system performance vs. specification. Developing and implementing HIL bench test physical setups, troubleshooting electronic systems under test, and developing electronic system validation procedures.

Technical Skills Industrial Electrical/Electronic system test development and execution Industrial Electrical/Electronic system troubleshooting System wiring layout, specification, and implementation

Soft Skills Individuals must have demonstrated technical ability and be able to think/act on problems outside of their area of expertise. The individual must be able to work as part of a team, have a systems engineering focus, and be motivated to meet/exceed customer expectations.