High School Teacher

Helping Hand Center La Grange, IL

POSITION SUMMARY: The employee reports to the Director of the Helping Hand School in accordance with stated policies and procedures. The Teacher is a member of the School for Children with Autism.


Standard Job Responsibilities:

Provides for safety and security of individuals along with Helping Hand property

Follow Helping Hand procedures when dealing with an emergency situation including calling 911, insuring the safety of the individuals, notifying supervisor

Ensuring safety including conduction emergency drills and other documentation

Maintains assigned space in a clean and orderly manner

Understands and implement laws, professional standards, Social Security and Public Aid regulations regarding persons with disabilities

Participate as a member of the individuals’ interdisciplinary/educational team and attends all team meetings/staffings as required.

Completes paperwork and documentation as assigned

Supervise the Instructional Teaching Assistants:

Designate responsibilities to the Assistants to complete classroom preparation and instruction

Provide day to day feedback to the Assistants

Provide ongoing training to the Assistants

Write a Lesson Plan:

o The lesson plan must include all areas necessary to meet State Standards

o At least two weeks of planned materials

o Typed and saved in the school folder

o Completed at least two weeks ahead of the starting date

o Including related activities for all class times (i.e. individualized for each student for arts and crafts, gym time, group activities, etc.)

o Including a few notes for specific references to each student’s goals

o Including notes for adaptations and partial participation as appropriate for each student

o Including specific materials needed for any related activities (books, art supplies, etc.)

Develop a Classroom Schedule that Includes:

Reasonable transitions

Covers all areas necessary

Considers the individual students needs in the class

Initiate and Maintain a Program Book for Each Child:

Including all objectives outlined in the IEP

Includes objectives agreed upon by the school team in the areas of communication, occupational, physical and speech therapy, academics, behavioral, etc.

Includes appropriate data sheets for each objective

Includes a graph of progress on each objective

Is revised as needed and agreed upon by the education team

Provide Instruction and Supervision for the Students in the Classroom:

The primary educator in the room

Supervises the actions of Assistants from other classrooms in the room

Reports concerns, ideas, questions to the Director of the HH School

Participate as a Collaborative Member of the Classroom IDT Team:

Actively participate in education team meetings, sharing ideas and discussing strategies for providing the services needed by the individual student

Prepare Materials for the IEP:

Insure that all staff persons providing services have updated information to report on at the IEPs

Prepare an overall summary of each student’s progress

Report specifically on the recorded objectives

Prepare meaningful and measurable objectives for the upcoming IEP period

Follow IEP schedule for family contacts

Maintain Regular Contact with Families:

Maintain a communication book with each family to report on progress, special events, and unusual circumstances

Request materials from families as needed

Answer family questions and/or refer them to the appropriate person to answer any inquiries as presented

Do in-home visits alternating quarterly with the Behavior Analyst

The Teacher is Responsible for the Daily Set-Up and Appearance of the Classroom:

Prepare materials for the following day

Assure that all instructional materials are available in the classroom for each student and any staff persons working with them

Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the classrooms

Communication Responsibilities:

Notifies the Director of the Helping Hand School of any concerns regarding the student, or information reported to the Assistant by others (bus driver, parent, etc.)

Assists in maintaining open communication with family members

Maintains the confidentially of the record sand information regarding the students in the School for Children with Autism


ISBE Professional Educator License with LBS1 endorsement, and Educator endorsement for appropriate age group

Experience working with children 3 – 21 years

Experience working with children with autism

Experience with Basic ABA Teaching Skills, Knowledge of Augmentative Communication Methods, and Knowledge of how to apply Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior.