Registered Polysomnography Tech

Wellmont Health System Kingsport, TN

* Performs highly specialized Neurodiagnostic/Pulmonary procedures such as, but not limited to, Polysomnograms, MSLTs and titration of either CPAP or BiPAP, which are utilized in providing diagnostic information regarding the patient's neurological and/or pulmonary function during sleep. Results are presented to the physicians in an interpretable manner. The technologist is familiar with all equipment utilized in their section and is responsible for completing all paperwork and maintaining all records/files associated with the position. The technologist also performs any job related duties assigned by the Supervisor/Technical Director. Maintains registry credentials current.

GED/High School Diploma with 2-3 years of experience. Must be a Registered PSGT and able to perform and score polysomnograms and Multiple Sleep Latency Tests. Able to successfully titrate CPAP.

License/Certifications: R. PSGT

CPR is required for any RN, LPN, PCT, Patient Transporter or other direct patient care provider. Emergency Department, Intensive Care Units, PACU, Medical Emergency Team and Anesthesia require ACLS. Pediatrics, SICU, Emergency Department and Medical Emergency Team also require PALS.