Warehouse Clerk

PBA Health Kansas City, MO

* High School Diploma or GED required

* Experience in a general warehouse environment or equivalent to including stocking, receiving, order pulling, packing, and shipping

* Pharmaceutical or veterinary inventory experience preferred


* Ability to follow oral and written instructions

* Ability to work with co-workers to complete tasks

* Ability to operate shipping and receiving equipment/machines

* Pays attention to detail with proven low error ratios

* Ability and willingness to follow strict rules, procedures and guidelines

* Ability to learn a variety of job tasks

* Ability to read, count and make minute distinctions between similar items


* Knowledge of pharmaceutical products a plus!

* Knowledge of the first-in, first-out product rotation system required

* Basic keyboarding and bar-code scan skills required

* Knowledge of safety practices in a fast-paced warehouse environment required

Working Conditions:

* Ability to safely lift and carry up to 50 lbs. from the floor to pallet height and waist without assistance of other personnel

* Ability to lift items up to 24 lbs. above the shoulder.

* Ability to lift 50 lbs. waist to shoulder packages from cart height to 44 without assistance from other personnel

* Ability to grip items up to 30 lbs.

* Extended periods of standing and walking, plus frequent stooping, and kneeling.

* Ability to push objects in a shopping cart or on a pallet jack up to 39 lbs. peak force

* Ability to pull objects in a shopping cart or on a pallet jack up to 37 lbs. peak force

* Climbing step ladders up to 12 off the floor

* Typing information into a computer

* Correctible vision and color vision required

Safety Hazards:

* Works with chemical cleaners for general warehouse cleaning

* Handles prescription bottles that may contain traces of its contents on the bottle

* Uses box cutter blades and replaces blades when needed

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