Virtual Instructor - Central Market

H&R Block, Inc. Kansas City, MO
Job Description

This position can be located in any tax office.


Effectively teach Virtual Classroom courses while maintaining respect for students with different levels of experience, geography, and diversity. Prepare for the course, present and facilitate virtual course offerings, administer polls/learning checkpoints, and monitor learner participation. Adhere to the company's policies and procedures.


* Attend required instructor training programs to study course design, appropriate teaching techniques (which may include classroom or virtual presentation standards and skills), and administrative duties associated with teaching the course.

* Prepares for class by ensuring that the virtual delivery location is set up, all equipment is properly functioning and phone/internet is working. Instructor should review the student workbook and instructor guide prior to beginning class to include completion of exercises and test all resources (agenda, uploads, websites, videos, etc if applicable)

* Present course content and facilitate the discussion of tax and H&R Block policy and procedure issues (as required) by drawing on the existing knowledge of students and engaging learners to apply and extend learning.

* Use a variety of facilitation methods and skills to convey course information. Instructor should stimulate and sustain student motivation and engagement through techniques such as whiteboard, polling, Q&A, class exercises and case studies. Instructor should maintain a positive peer-centered learning environment, through use of instructional evaluation and positive reinforcement.

* Use available media to reinforce student learning. Media may include but is not limited to whiteboard, power point presentation, use of software (example BlockWorks), external websites, and demonstrations.

Minimum Qualifications



* Completion of a high school diploma or equivalent. Additional course work in training/facilitation/online learning is preferred.



* Above average reading and math skills in order to understand information and explain course information to students.

* Above average verbal and written communication skills and effectively communicate in person.

* Excellent interpersonal skills demonstrated through conversation with, and preparation of tax returns of H&R Block customers.

* Ability to explain complex laws and regulations in an easy to understand manner.

* Effective presentation skills as demonstrated in their words, voice, pace, delivery and non-verbal communication. Instructor should have the ability to teach in an energetic and enthusiastic manner. D ynamic, E ffective, E ngaging, P repared

* Ability to read, write, and clearly communicate in English and/or other languages as required by needs of the nation.

* Sufficient experience as a tax professional or education to master content of all courses being taught. Mastery is demonstrated by answering student questions in a comfortable/confident manner and according to all tax law or factual information.


* Two to three years' combined experience as a TTS instructor.

* Successful completion of the H&R Block Income Tax Course or equivalent and passing the examination with a grade of 80% or better. Associate must participate in the 18-hour continuing education requirement in order to be considered for rehire.

* Successfully passing the final examination (if applicable) for the course that he/she will be teaching.

* Understanding and previous use of BlockWorks and other applicable software.

* Additional state and local requirements may apply.