Fraud Claims Analyst

Umb Financial Corporation Kansas City, MO
This position is responsible for review and evaluate daily fraud reports which include deposit fraud and suspicious check activity.

* Review potential and actual fraud cases.

* Ensure all documentation and evidence is present by probing customer and account officer.

* Assess fraud cases from reimbursement/denial perspective based on UCC guidelines and UMB terms and conditions.

* Communicate with customers both internal and external regarding correct procedures and documentation necessary.

* Provide support and assistance to Corporate Security and legal counsel for purpose of collection and suspect prosecution.

* Compile necessary monthly reports representing fraud activity, losses, recoveries and preventative measures.

* Detect and analyze check fraud incidences by using an on-line system. This system will queue suspicious check activity based on a rules process.

* Mitigate losses by identifying fraudulent activity and returning checks within established timelines.

* Complete working the daily queues by the specified hour deadline.

* Compare checks using an on-line image system, factoring in key check elements including, signature, type of stock, security features, and check number. Numerous systems, resources and communication with officers will be utilized to verify information and determine the appropriate and accurate disposition of each item. Many decisions will be judgment calls based on exception types, restraint information and account balances. All items must be accurately processed the same day presented meeting daily deadlines to ensure items are not delayed and become a potential loss or risk to the customer and the bank.

* Assist the Fraud Manager and Data Analysts to identify fraud trending with the objective to calibrate the existing rules set for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

* Research TRIPS alerts to identify any potential fraudulent activity and take actions to mitigate losses as appropriate.

* Other duties as assigned.

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