Airport Operations Officer (25-3379)

State of Alaska Juneau, AK
Job Description


The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF), Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is looking for a Airport Operations Officer to help us Keep Alaska Moving!

The Airport Operations Officer works closely with airport sections, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), tenants, airlines, contractors and the public. The incumbent is expected to analyze and solve a variety of issues and is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the safety of commercial and general aviation for both landside and airside activities. Operations Officers must be prepared to take any and all actions required by policy and directives to ensure compliance with FAA regulations, the airport certification manual and current aviation security regulations. This position often works alone and without direct supervision. This position has a high level of independent responsibility for monitoring airport conditions and reporting those conditions to the appropriate persons to ensure a safe and efficient operating environment for aircraft tenants and passengers. Shift assignments are based on seniority so the incumbent must be able to work a variety of shifts including days, nights, weekends and holidays for extended periods of time, perhaps years.

General duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

* Assumes responsibilities of Airport Director in accordance with PAR Part 139 and the Airport Certification Manual during periods other than normal business hours. Performs daily inspections of the airfield in accordance with FAR Parts 139 and 107, including: runways, taxiways, domestic and international aircraft aprons and gate parking area, field lighting systems, perimeter fences, and airport service roads. Monitors and enforces tenant compliance with State and Federal regulations to ensure safe, secure and efficient operations and expeditious flow of aircraft, ground equipment and vehicle traffic. Develops and maintains major portions of the Airport Certification and Security Programs using FAR 139 and 107 and Advisory Circulars 150 series. Has authority to open and close airport surfaces and direct actions of Field Maintenance to correct deficiencies.

* Performs periodic inspections of terminal buildings and ground transportation facilities, including: concourses, terminal gate hold areas, concession areas, interior and exterior of buildings, general aviation areas, sidewalks and public access roadways to ensure the safe and efficient operation of terminal, general aviation and ground transportation systems. Monitors the activities of tenants, licensees, contractors and screening personnel to ensure compliance with airport standards, State and Federal regulations. May direct on-duty Physical Plant personnel to take corrective actions.

* On a seven day per week, 24 hours per day, rotating shift basis, coordinates snow and ice control operations for aircraft movement, parking, and gate areas, and the airport roadway system. Coordinates with the FAA, air carriers and other affected airport tenants and will open and close any movement surface as needed to facilitate snow and ice control, establish priorities, and ensure safe operations. May direct deviation from established snow removal priorities based on prevailing conditions.

* Issue NOTAMs identifying airport conditions, such as construction activities, obstructions, surface irregularities, or contamination, malfunction of any required light system, wildlife hazards, or other condition which may adversely affect the safe operation of aircraft. Directs opening and closing of airport surfaces as required.

* Coordinates and supervises the activities associated with transient and general aviation aircraft operations. Assigns general aviation aircraft to transient parking spots, prepares operations activity report, conducts research, writes reports and makes recommendations on all aspects of airport operations. Prepares work schedules for Airport Operations Center, trains and tests authorized airfield personnel who have security clearance to airfield operation areas in driving and movement regulations.

* On a rotating shift basis, and under general direction of the Airport Operations Superintendent, supervises the operation and function of the Airport Operations Center. Responsible for FAA required badging and Identification programs. Coordinates with representatives of government agencies, tenants and others regarding operational procedures and airport safety.

* In the absence of the Airport Director, Aviation Operations Manager, and Operations Superintendent, directs, responds to and coordinates all airport related emergency activities, taking appropriate actions necessary to ensure public safety. Actively involved in the formulation, implementation, and oversight of the Emergency Response Plan. Coordinates with other airport sections and outside agencies, and serves as the senior Operations representative until relieved by a higher level of management. Assumes the duties of the Emergency Control Officer until relieved. Within the Incident Command System used by all Emergency Service Agencies in Anchorage, this position equates to the Incident Commander.

* Monitors airport construction activity to ensure compliance with safety requirements and contract provisions at the job site. Coordinates all aspects impacting airport operations. Takes, or directs, corrective actions as required.

* Coordinates VIP visits

* Takes action to immediately clear airport operation area of wildlife hazards. Additionally, performs special after-action inspections of airport surfaces after any accident/incident to ensure operations areas are returned to safe status. Closes and opens operating areas and coordinates with the FAA control tower to reopen airport areas for air traffic.

* Negotiates and administer professional service agreements/contract, related to ground transportation, parking management, and Airport security services.