RNAC/MDS COORDINATOR needed for leadership role within fast-growing care center

Full Time – Johnstown, Pa

LaurelWood Care Center is a 120-bed Skilled Nursing Center which includes a 20-bed Speciality Care Program offering Cardiac, Orthopedic, and Wound Care program.

This fast-growing center seeks an experienced Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator (RNAC)/MDS Coordinator to provide strong leadership and practical, clinical skills.


RNAC/MDS Coordinator responsibilities include:

* Coordinating the interdisciplinary assessment and care planning process, in partnership with cross-departmental teams

* Constructing a schedule for resident assessments and care conference

* Ensuring the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) is completed in accordance with regulatory and financial requirements

* Utilizing expertise in clinical reimbursement systems to ensure resident issues and interventions are accurately documented and appropriately reflecting on the RAI documents

* Overseeing the development of individual resident care plans, through interdisciplinary collaboration

* Assisting the facility and ancillary staff through in-service programming designed to help give personnel a better understanding of the RAI, care planning and reimbursement processes

* Transmitting the MDS documents to state agencies in a timely fashion

* Performing added duties as assigned by management


Candidates must display strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills, along with an ability to both thrive from and contribute to an interdisciplinary team. Because this role involves direct engagement with a diverse population, an ability to listen, show compassion and be patient and flexible are essential.

Applicants must have a current Pennsylvania RN license or temporary practice permit, and have long-term care nursing experience with at least one year in management. All candidates are expected to have an in-depth knowledge of nursing principles, long-term care regulations, Medicare/Medicaid, MDS, HMO processes and basic computer software/programs.