Program Director
Management & Training Corporation
 Jasper, TX
Position Summary:
Reports to the regional operations director. Directly supervises the assistant program director, quality assurance coordinator and office manager. Responsible for overall management and coordination of the contract to include planning, developing, and implementing designated substance abuse programs and networking with community resources in compliance with Management & Training Corporation (MTC) and Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) directives.

Essential Functions:
  1. Responsible for program planning, development, training, and implementation; monitors compliance with policies and procedures; and providing consultative services to plan, implement, and monitor effective agency programs.
  2. Maintain alcohol and drug treatment programs that complies with Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Clinical Training Institute (CTI) requirements.
  3. Establish a Therapeutic Community (TC) within the facility working closely with correctional staff to create a living environment that is peer driven.
  4. Develop a system to promote the coordination and integration of the substance abuse prevention components with other facility programs.
  5. Conducts special investigations, program analyses, and research studies; reviews and analyzes treatment operations and problems and prepares reports of findings and recommendations; and initiates activities to produce a more effective program.
  6. Prepares annual program budget; develops policy and procedure manuals; and assists in the preparation of training and operational manuals, educational materials, and information programs.
  7. Works with program staff in determining trends and resolving technical programs; provides technical assistance on program services; and provides liaison with other departments, divisions, agencies, and organizations.
  8. Provide staff training, evaluate staff performance and implement organizational and personnel changes as approved by the regional operations director and coordinated with the office manager and/or corporate human resources manager prior to implementation.
  9. Coordinate or participate in transition meetings.
  10. Promote the development of positive social skills through modeling appropriate behaviors and intervening when inappropriate behaviors are observed; provide regular feedback to staff regarding social skills procedures and intervention techniques.
  11. Maintain accountability of staff, offenders and property; adhere to safety practices.
It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by management.

Education and Experience Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by an organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or by the United States Department of Education (USDE). Major course work in a Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice, or a related field preferred. Each year of experience as described below in excess of the required five (5) years may be substituted for thirty (30) semester hours from an accredited college or university on a year-for-year basis. Five (5) years full-time, wage-earning program administration or counseling experience. Two (2) years full-time, wage-earning experience in the supervision of employees. Current valid licensure as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), or current certification as a Certified Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP) as approved by the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals or current valid Qualified Credentialed Counselor (QCC) license to provide substance abuse treatment. Therapeutic
Community treatment experience preferred. Valid driver’s license in the state of Texas with an acceptable driving record required, unless waived by management.

Post Hire Requirements:
Must successfully complete annual in-service training requirements and pass an annual background check, both of which must be approved by Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Must maintain valid license or certification for continued employment in position.