Consultant Competitive Intelligence

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Jacksonville, FL
This position exists to support BCBSF in its desire to become a more knowledge driven company. The purpose of this position is to collect and analyze data and information about customers, markets, and the environment to develop and provide fact-based strategic competitive and market insights to senior management in order that senior management may make informed decisions about future strategic initiatives. Analyze competitor's current competitive positioning as well as future plans to compete. Provide insight into the impact of external influences (economic, regulatory, political and demographic) that affect the market and enhance our ability to differentiate BCBSF and to strengthen our competitive advantage. This position will discern the needs, conduct the research, manage the studies, analyze the resulting information, synthesize the appropriate key findings and share the findings at all appropriate levels throughout the organization.

Consulting on Market and Competitive Intelligence

Define, develop and provide information and analyses to guide and facilitate clients' decision-making processes and provide leadership for business planning efforts; directs research and analysis to quantify business opportunities and issues, develop formal recommendations, and effectively communicate recommendations to executives, senior leaders and managers. Work with internal customers to facilitate innovative thinking and to generate research/analytic methodologies to meet business needs.

* Establish excellent and collaborative business partner relationships.

* Consults with senior leaders and business partners to ensure actions are taken based on research results.

* Conducts analysis, prepares documents for presentation of recommendations to management.

* Identifies and promotes business opportunities based on market and customer needs. Defines associated project budget and deliverables.

* Facilitates meetings with executive and senior leadership to communicate analysis and understanding of data including robust business conc pts gained the research.

* Assists in the review,design and execution of market analysis methodology.

* Has frequent contact with internal and external business partners to obtain and share information on which to base decisions and provide

advice and counsel.

* Clearly understand strategic direction of organization and business unit.

* Manages Market Intelligence Research Vendors

* Engage and manage research vendors to effectively analyze needs, evaluate alternative solutions and create recommendations to meet

organizational goals.

* Direct and manage research vendors to use technical skills including research/analysis methodology design to generate reliable and valid

research that is both effective and efficient.

Completes Market & Competitive Intelligence Research

* Craft and deliver well structured and well written memos and presentations that are ready for distribution to a broad client base and BCBSF Executive management. Ensures the accurate and timely research, collection, analysis, verification, and reporting of information or .data used to manage initiatives, design or improve processes or workflows, reflect monthly or quarterly activities, measure programs, products or system efficiencies.

* Present data and analysis generated by the department to internal and external clients.

* Apply a basic understanding of business processes to appropriately scope and design research/market analysis.

* Apply the appropriate methodologies available within the Competitive Intelligence discipline and stays current with research developments

* Apply knowledge of intelligence collection processes and techniques to achieve appropriate and reliable outcomes.

* Lead projects and discussions with larger multi-function teams and people.

* Effectively summarizes and concludes results and help business clients identify opportunities for their use.

* Effectively manage resources by providing leadership and direction of project resources to ensure timely project completion, goal achievement, and customer satisfaction.

* Identify, develop, recommend, and support the implementation of process, procedure and improvements of research initiatives for efficiencies in order to meet and exceed Marketing Plan goals and objectives

Job Requirements:

* Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing

* 8 -10 years of experience in competitive and marketplace analysis

* Strong background in SWOT analysis, Porter model of competitive marketplace and industry assessment.

* Demonstrated critical and analytical thinking skills

* Demonstrated skills and the ability to understand marketplace dynamics and their relevancy and implications to BCBSFL business strategy.

* Proven leadership and supervisory experience

* Financial analysis and research proficiency

* Excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to act in a consultative role with business leaders throughout BCBSFL

* Capable of developing welt structured presentations.

* Excellent PC based software skills (e.g.Word, Excel, PowerPoint), as well as analytical, benchmarking, problem solving, coordination,

* planning, and project and vendor management skills. Must demonstrate ability to initiate and implement change and to set focused, actionable objectives that are results oriented

* Proven track record in delivering results, anticipating the market and offering strategic counsel based on consumer feedback and insights.

* Candidates must have excellent interpersonal skills, be able to package results and present ideas clearly and persuasively and be highly

* motivated, innovative and creative.

* Must be able to interact at all levels of the organization, and build successful collaborative business relationships with consultants, focus group participants and vendors.

* A strong customer commitment and commitment to excellence.

* Advanced critical and analytical thinking skills.

PREFERRED Job Specifications


* Knowledge of Florida Healthcare market

* Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP) certification

* Understanding of BCBSF's business goals and corporate strategy, the company's culture and its marketing challenges (including customers, competitors, products and services)