Certified Nursing Assistant - CNA - Full Time- 7a-7p and 7p-7a Park Ridge

Five Points Healthcare Jacksonville, FL

Job Specifications

Certified Nursing Assistant

Competitive Pay, Health Benefits, Paid Time Off, Matching 401K

Eligibility Factors

This is an entry-level position. Candidates are expected to attain and maintain a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license within one year of hire. High School diploma, GED, or equivalent required. Candidates are required to attain and maintain CPR certification within six months after hire. Experience performing the essential functions of the position is desirable.

Essential Functions

* Assess resident skin condition

* Report residents' refusal of treatment

* Ensure compliance with regulatory and professional standards/guidelines

* Comply with federal, state, and local regulations

* Ensure residents' water pitchers are clean, filled, and available to residents

* Serve between meal and bedtime snacks

* Check restrained residents per policy/schedule

* Release restraints for range of motion exercises, visits to bathroom, etc., per policy/schedule

* Ensure nurses' call system is within easy reach of residents

* Report changes in residents' conditions to supervisor

* Observe disoriented/comatose residents and report to supervisor

* Monitor seriously ill residents

* Evaluate residents' physical/emotional status

* Weigh residents

* Greet/escort/orient new resident

* Introduce new resident to roommate/other residents/staff, as appropriate

* Make resident comfortable

* Treat residents fairly, with kindness, dignity, and respect

* Maintain residents' privacy

* Conduct shift turnover briefings

* Interact with residents/family in a manner to enhance the reputation of the facility

* Orient new residents/family to the facility

* Give/receive residents' condition report during shift turnover

* Assist residents with nail care

* Check room for food articles and remove unauthorized items

* Maintain floors safe and clear of obstructions (residents' belongings, supplies/equipment, etc.)

* Maintain dry floors.

* Report spills

* Wash wheelchairs/walkers

* Perform housekeeping

* Prepare room for new resident

* Strip/make beds

* Check bed for resident equipment (e.g., dentures, hearing aide, etc.)

* Report accidents/incidents to supervisor

* Observe and report changes in room environment (temperature, ventilation, lighting, etc.)

* Serve food trays

* Observe need and assist residents with feeding

* Store residents' clothing

* Assist residents with packing for discharge or transfer

* Transport residents to room or receiving area

* Report residents' complaints/grievances

* Assist residents with hair care functions

* Report residents' allegations of abuse/mistreatment

* Ensure implementation of Residents' Rights

* Render immediate resident assistance

* Answer resident call lights

* Ensure residents are ready and on time for therapy, activity, and other appointments

Minimum Qualifications (* denotes day one requirement)


* English language*

* Biology*

* Arithmetic*

* Federal Regulations

* State Regulations

* Local Regulations

* Policies/procedures

* Therapy methods/procedures

* Public safety

* Clerical/administrative

* procedures/systems

* Customer service


* Reading comprehension*

* Oral communications (speaking)*

* Written communications*

* Critical thinking

* Complex problem solving

* Customer service (service orientation)

* Apply applicable regulations, policies, procedures

* Data entry

* Monitor/observe

* Calculate (mathematics)

* Compile data/information

* Social perceptiveness

* Active listening

* Active learning

* Information gathering

* Operate applicable equipment



* Problem sensitivity

* Oral comprehension

* Information ordering

* Oral expression

* Written comprehension

* Speech clarity

* Speech recognition

* Written expression

* Category Flexibility

* Finger dexterity

Physical Requirements (all day one)

* Lift 51-74 pounds

* Carry 35-50 pounds

* Push/pull 100+ pounds

* Stretch

* Bend

* Twist

* Stoop

* Squat

* Crouch

* Kneel

* Balance

* Reach above shoulder level

* Climb

* Climb stairs

* Walk on even surface

* Stand

* Sit

* Simple grasp

* Firm grasp

* Fine hand manipulation

* Near vision

* Far vision

* Distinguish colors

* Hear conversation

* Hear alarms

* Speak


* None



Critical Competencies

* Displays positive attitude

* Stress tolerance

* Self-motivation

* Cooperation

* Team orientation

* Dependability

* Concern for others