Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Irvine, CA
Per Diem, 2nd and/or 3rd shift:

Security Officer I:

Under the direction of the Security Manager, receives and transmits all incoming emergency and non-emergency telephone and radio messages to appropriate security personnel and other personnel for Hoag Hospital and its affiliates (the Organization). Functions as a resource regarding information for patients, visitors, and Organization personnel. Conducts interior/ exterior campus patrols to ensure a safe environment. Submits clear and concise written reports to document all the essential details of events occurring on hospital owned properties.

Displays and practices a work-style that reflects the mission, vision, and values of the Security Department and the Organization. Participates in the continuous quality improvement process. Maintains a working knowledge of departmental standard operating procedures, including the use of specialized instrumentation, Quality Control requirements, and preventive maintenance.

Essential Functions:

* Responds to all Emergency Codes and assures proper data is collected and reported in a timely manner.

* Recognizes unsafe situations and takes immediate action to resolve the issues wherever possible, and reports the situation from a safe distance while dispatching Emergency responders when it is not safe to intervene.

* Conducts final release and mortuary escorts in accordance to defined Security Procedures.

* Appropriately assesses and implements the use of restraints when assisting with agitated, confused or disruptive patient behaviors.

* Demonstrate the proper handling and storage of patient belongings, valuables, and Lost & Found items, per the Security Department Procedures.

* Demonstrates proper understanding of parking and traffic control per the Security Department Procedures.

* Investigates, reports, and follows-up on all reportable incidents that occur and/ or pertain to departmental calls for service in a thorough and timely manner.

* Submits well-written, complete, and detailed Security Incident Reports prior to the end of the shift.

* Utilizes various departmental and organizational resources appropriately to ensure the effectiveness of stored records for later recall.

* Maintains valid licensures and certifications required of the position.

* Successfully completes a state and federal background check for access to the Child Care Center and Radiological Security Program.

Career Development:

* Demonstrates independence in pursuing own personal and professional development as it pertains to enhancing performance outcomes within the Organization.

Handling Stressful Conditions:

* Routinely maintains composure under stressful conditions, setting an example for the staff. Consistently serves as a role model for staff; monitoring their interaction with other Organizational employees, patients and guests.

Problem Solving:

* Demonstrates the ability to resolve problems by going to the correct source (other Security Officers, Security Officer Lead or Security Manager).

* Demonstrated problem solving ability based on organizational and departmental policies and procedures, or verbal consultation with the Security Leadership team.

* Keeps the Security Manager informed of problems and/ or events as they occur.

Reliability & Flexibility:

* Willingly accommodates changes in workload within the department. Adapts to changes or unusual circumstances to promote cooperation and minimize disruption to working environment.

* Demonstrates the ability to complete assignments on time with minimal disruption to peers or department.

* Position may require travel between various Hoag locations and its affiliates.

* Maintains a working telephone number for efficient staff recall during Emergency conditions and ensures that departmental leadership is advised of any changes.

Education, Training and Experience requirements:

* High School Diploma, or equivalent

* Valid Bureau of Security and Investigative Services License: Security Guard or Proprietary Private Security Officer.

* Successful completion of State and Federal Background Investigations.

* Ability to successfully complete written and electronic reports and logs without grammatical or spelling errors.

Skills or Other Qualifications:


* Current California Driver's License

* Record must be free from convictions or any felony/misdemeanor involving moral turpitude and excessive traffic violations.

* Successful completion of State and Federal Background Investigations.

* Working knowledge of Microsoft Office; including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

* Ability to work independently and make sound judgements during stressful circumstances