Process Operator Furnace-Grinding

PQ Corporation Iowa City, IA
Job Description

The Process Operator – Furnace-Grinding will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the process and all associated equipment.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities of the Process Operator Furnace -Grinding

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding Operates the process in a safe and reliable manner.

* Operates in compliance with all health, safety and environmental rules and regulations.

* Interprets process data and adjusts process to maintain quality output.

* Communicates process information and issues with other operators, maintenance & management.

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding Maintains production and other company requirements.

* Performs housekeeping duties.

* Performs and assists, in accordance with training and skills, with maintenance as directed, including preventive maintenance.

* Builds replacement screens and replaces sifter screens in accordance with planned maintenance schedules.

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding Sets up, prepares and monitors machines and equipment for operation according to production requirements. Such equipment and machines may include grinding mills, sifters, elevators, bag-houses, rotary screws, rotary gas dryer, heat exchangers, and other process equipment.

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding Operate the grinding department in a manner intended to meet goals in safety, environment, quality, production and cost control.

* Supports supervisor, maintenance, and plant personal as team member.

* Receives cullet deliveries. Signs cullet receipts and turns all receipts into furnace lab for collection.

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding Operates the furnaces in a manner intended to meet plant goals in safety, environment, quality, production and cost control. Examples of this include operating furnaces in a way to maximize furnace efficiency (lb/therm) and plant production in a manner that is safe and environmentally compliant.

* Takes tank readings and maintains plant operations to ensure tanks are properly balanced without shutting down the process.

* Is responsible for maintaining accurate logs and electronically documenting furnace related data.

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding Routinely monitors environmental conditions in the plant and takes appropriate investigative & corrective actions and makes timely notifications.

* Participates in plant-wide HSE, quality and productivity initiatives.

* Participates on the Safety Committee on a voluntary rotating basis.

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding participates in HSE activities (i.e., Toolbox meetings, monthly plant audits, accident investigations, Hazard IDs, etc.).

* Has significant responsibility in ensuring compliance to environmental permits and good neighbor principles by monitoring bag house emissions and other potential sources of glass dust.

* Process Operator Furnace -Grinding understands that safe work practices is a condition of employment and is actively engaged in activities such as hazard ID's and assisting in updating work procedures.

* Performs special projects or other duties as directed.

Job Requirements

Job qualifications / REQUIREMENTS


* High school education or equivalent and/or can demonstrate good math and reading skills. [R]

* Post high school education desired. [D]


* Must be able to work shifts. [R]

* Must be able to work overtime, holidays and weekends. [R]

Skills & Knowledge:

* Able to follow written and verbal instruction. [R]

* Able to demonstrate basic computer skills. [D]

* Able to troubleshoot or diagnosis situations, events or equipment. [D]

* Good interpersonal skills, works well within a team environment. [R]

* Good decision making skills (makes decisions, acts upon them, willing to defend decisions over peer pressure). [R]

* Must demonstrate a strong work ethic (attendance, attitude, etc.). [R]

* Understanding of ISO management systems (e.g., 9001, 14001) [R]

* Understanding of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) principles and Statistical Process Control (SPC). [D]

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