Occupational Safety Specialist/Industrial Hygienist Campus IUPUI - Indianapolis Department ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY (IN-ENH

Indiana University Indianapolis, IN

The Occupational Safety Specialist/Industrial Hygienist will provide occupational safety and industrial hygiene services and expertise to ensure the safety and health of the University community including researchers, faculty, staff and students. Utilize knowledge, professional experience and scientific method to protect personnel via the identification, evaluation and control of exposure to chemical, biological and physical agents that may impair human health. This position is also responsible for the administration of key Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programs to prevent job-related illness and injury among employees and comply with applicable governmental regulations. The Occupational Safety Specialist/Industrial Hygienist will analyze workplaces on campus and independently design initiatives to control, eliminate, and prevent injury and illnesses caused by chemical, physical, or biological agents. The Occupational Safety Specialist/Industrial Hygienist will act as a resource answering questions and offering expert advice related to all aspects of safety on campus.


•Maintains a comprehensive Occupational Safety Program, in coordination with others in EHS, to ensure that the safety and health of staff and faculty are monitored appropriately, and that all reasonable measures are in place to ensure and maintain a safe working environment. Monitors the campus for safety hazards and compliance with OSHA safety requirements by inspecting Departments and providing information related to OSHA regulations as Departments request. Monitors compliance with OSHA regulations and EHS policies. Investigates injuries and illnesses, provide corrective action recommendations as necessary, and track injuries and illnesses. Performs job hazard assessments; recommends measures to control exposures including personal protective equipment (PPE), work practice changes, and some engineering controls. May assist and provide guidance for the IU Asbestos Program.

•Provides a broad range of industrial hygiene services, such as conducting investigations of complex activities in the university setting. This is accomplished via proficiency in gathering information on processes and researching toxicological properties of the materials used, determining at-risk personnel, developing sampling strategies to measure exposure, comparing results to established legal allowable limits, reporting findings to appropriate personnel, recommending and implementing corrective actions and conducting follow-up activities, including additional sampling when warranted, to ensure control measures are effective. The Industrial Hygienist provides technical expertise on a broad range of topics to the University community to ensure that their safety and well-being are not adversely affected by hazards in their academic and work environment. Conducts ergonomic evaluations to help eliminate or reduce stress that may cause injury and illness to employees from repetitive use. Performs indoor air quality investigations.

•Develops Occupational safety training programs as necessary. Conducts training for new and existing employees regarding safety issues.

•Attends EHS and other departmental meetings as necessary to perform job duties. Conducts required record keeping activities. Writes reports documenting observations and recommendations for supervisor’s review. Assists with writing reports to external departments. Provides EHS technical consultation to university and non-university parties as requested. Serves on the emergency response team as necessary. Maintains a high level of competence in the field of expertise via attending professional development courses and conferences, reviewing technical documents, and memberships with the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

REQUIRED: Bachelor’s Degree in industrial hygiene, occupational health, science or equivalent, plus 2 years of full-time work experience in a related field. Must have a Valid Driver’s License.

Must have extensive knowledge of industrial hygiene principles and OSHA regulations. Must be knowledgeable of computer operations and use of appropriate software. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Able to locate and use appropriate technical resources in occupational safety and health.

Ability to effectively communicate and exchange information. Ability to present training sessions to large groups, utilizing appropriate technology. Ability to communicate with individuals of all level of experience and knowledge regarding environmental health & safety programs.

Must have the ability to use various electronic instruments, telephone, computer, software, and training equipment.

Preferred Qualifications

2 years of related work experience.

Working Conditions / Physical Demands

Must be able to use a ladder and move up to 50 pounds. Must have the ability to wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including a respirator.

Salary Range Up to $55,000/yr