Technical, Unit Manager

Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation
 Idaho Falls, ID

The Site Facilities Operations Building and Infrastructure Operations unitis comprised of groups that supportmaintenance and operations across the Naval Reactor Facility including Prototype Facilities Maintenance, Site Facilities Maintenance, and both Laborer support and Janitorial services across the site. Manage individual contributors (e.g., engineers, scientists), including experienced employees who exercise latitude and independence in their assignments. Exercise leadership qualities to influence and enlist the support of direct reports in the accomplishment of the units tasks and the Laboratorys goals.Administer and interpret policies, processes, and procedures that affect the work unit, with guidance from senior management.Ensure the correct and timely execution of technical work, which may include operations; maintain the technical excellence ofthe Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

If required, candidate must qualify as a contamination Worker, NRF Facilities Operations Supervisor, Production Radiological Controls Supervisors, Lock Out Tag Out supervisor, Satellite Accumulation Area Operator, Confined Space and Excavation supervisor and any other environmental or safety qualification deemed necessary.Must be able to maintain qualification as radiation worker.