Software Security Engineer

DESE Research, Inc. Huntsville, AL
Job Title: Software Security Engineer

Location: Huntsville, AL

Cyber attacks could be the next major military conflict's weapon of mass destruction. We are here to prevent that. DESE Research, Inc. is seeking a Software Security Engineer to focus on software assurance and formal methods research for the US Department of Defense. This is a funded position working in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our teams seek to solve tough cyber problems through application of research in cybersecurity and supply chain security. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity but is the nature of most cybersecurity programs today. We are working to change that. We will solve the cyber problems through engineering and research.

This position will tackle the challenge of automating and extending current software analysis and software assurance methods by integrating intermediate languages, formal methods, SMT solvers, and other advances into DoD software development processes.

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar field.

Minimum Security Clearance: Active Secret

Required Qualifications:

* 3+ years of experience in software engineering and/or software analysis

* 2+ years of experience with reverse engineering x86, ARM, PPC, etc. binaries and/or embedded systems

* Motivated, Self-starting, Constant learner

* Demonstrated programming ability in C/C++, Python, or similar languages

* Strong ability to grasp new knowledge and skills through independent research and study

* Certifications are useful but not required. CEH, OSCP, GREM, GXPN, etc.

* Applicants will be subject to a Federal background investigation and must meet DoD requirements for a security clearance. Eligibility requirements include U.S. citizenship.

Preferred Qualifications:

* Analysis experience with Intermediate Languages such as LLVM IR

* Experience with program analysis techniques such as taint analysis, program slicing, symbolic execution, constraint solving, and dynamic instrumentation

* Experience with symbolic execution tools such as KLEE, BAP, and angr

* Fluency in binary analysis tools/frameworks such as IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, Angr, Radare2, BAP, Manticore, etc.