Senior Principal Proposals Specialist

McDermott Corporation Houston, TX
Job Overview:

Prepares prequalification submissions to customers and Project Execution Plan.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

* Reviews Tender documents including detailed review of the Instructions to Tenders, Scope of Work, Key Contract Dates, Commercial Price forms and terms of payment, as a minimum.

* Initiates all required documents and pro-forma as detailed in the Level 2 Procedures.

* Coordinates the distribution of documents via a document distribution matrix, utilizing both hard copy and electronic media.

* Co-chairs Bid kick-off meetings, and schedules progress meetings as required.

* Ensures the bid development and bid inputs remain in accordance with the Capture Plan strategies developed in advance (or as subsequently revised).

* Monitors Engineering Bid Support Budgets and advises Proposals Manager of any potential for overrun.

* Establishes the bid schedule and communicate requirements to all departments providing proposal inputs.

* Updates schedules as required as required in the event of extension being granted.

* Monitors progress of the bidding activity and highlights concerns to the Proposals Manager.

* Sets up and maintains a clarifications register to log and monitor all pre and post bid correspondence.

* Reviews and identifies any inconsistencies in the Invitation to Tender documents and, if necessary, seek clarification from the customer.

* Coordinates input and issues requests for Clarification and distribute clarification responses and Bid Addenda as received from the Customer, and include summary of matters addressed in the same when feasible.

* Compiles the Proposal Document intended for submission to the Customer and establishes in advance requirements for binders, inserts, cover pages, labels, envelopes and stage cases for final delivery.

* Ensures that the relevant General Manager (or his assigned delegate) has approved inputs that are used in the final Bid.

* Reviews bid inputs and check that there are no errors, inconsistencies, oversights, and that the execution plan inputs are in accordance with the Capture Plan strategies.

* Ensures that inputs are recovered in the requested format.

* Expedites input to ensure that the bidding schedule is not jeopardized.

* Prepares technical/commercial qualifications.

* Prepares all reports and Bid Review Narratives as defined in the procedure document to satisfy Management bid review requirements.

* Provides input to bid reports.

* Reviews regularly the Proposal Document to ensure that the requirements of the Customer are fully satisfied in terms of format, content and consistency.

* Ensures the correct delivery arrangements have been made and confirmed in advance as required.

Job Requirements:

* Minimum requirement is a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related field.

* At least 10 year's of experience in proposals preferably within the oil and gas industry.

Company Overview:

McDermott is a premier, fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. For more than a century, customers have trusted McDermott to design and build end-to-end infrastructure and technology solutions—from the wellhead to the storage tank—to transport and transform oil and gas into the products the world needs today.

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