Process Operator-PQ Corporation

PQ Corporation Houston, TX

The general duties for a Operator will include performing tasks to ensure the daily department job tasks, as well as off-line assignments, are met in accordance with the plant requirements and goals. Acts as the operations/departmental liaison, in the absence of the Unit Supervisor and/or plant management.

Other responsibilities for the Operator will include:

  • Operates in accord with plant Four Core Priorities - Health/Safety. Environmental/Legal, Quality/Customer Service and Production Reliability/Asset Management/Cost Control including operating in compliance with all health, safety and environmental rules and regulations.
  • Maintains forklift license and perform job duties associated with forklift; i.e. dumping/stacking of storage hoppers, etc. Operates all industrial vehicles in a safe and efficient manner. Follows all plant vehicle procedures and conducts inspections and preventive maintenance as assigned/required.
  • Routinely monitors environmental conditions in the plant and takes appropriate investigative & corrective actions and makes timely notifications. Has significant responsibility in ensuring compliance to environmental permits and Good Neighbor principles by monitoring bag-house emissions and other potential leak and noise sources.
  • Is responsible to monitors quality and production for all processes and interprets process data and adjusts process to maintain quality output and production requirements.
  • Is responsible for maintaining accurate logs and documenting process related data such as weights and all production from processes.
  • Responsible for maintaining the combustion system and making changes to the blasting burners.
  • Maintains and oversee the entire furnace operations of 1.9 Index. Operator is responsible for emergency action in the event of disruption in glass production.
  • Maintains the platinum drain bushing so that is shall be kept free of accumulated glass. In the event of glass accumulation or stoppage, the operator is responsible to clear the glass and restore glass production.
  • Responsible for operation and cleaning of burners for all production and suppling processes with raw materials.
  • Ensures reliable supply of quality batch is available for furnace operations.
  • Oversees 1.9 Index screening operations in the absence of screening operator.
  • Maintains the housekeeping of the plant in a clean, orderly manner.
  • Understand that safe work practices is a condition of employment and is actively engaged in Team Paris activities such as identifying hazard ID's, writing, voluntary Safety Committee and voluntary BBS process, updating and following work procedures, toolbox meetings, monthly plant audits, accident investigations and improvement initiatives and teams.
  • Communicates process information and issues with other operators, maintenance & management.
  • Takes direction from lead operator, and supports other operators, maintenance, and other plant personal as team member.
  • Perform any additional duties assigned by Lead Operator or Management.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school education or equivalent and/or can demonstrate good math and reading skills. Post high school education desired.
  • Have had some experience working in a manufacturing plant environment. Process experience desired. Able to follow written and verbal instruction. Able to demonstrate basic computer skills. Able to troubleshoot or diagnosis situations, events or equipment. Good interpersonal skills, works well within a team environment. Good decision making skills (makes decisions, acts upon them, willing to defend decisions over peer pressure). Must demonstrate a strong work ethic (attendance, attitude, on time, etc.).
  • Understanding of ISO management systems (e.g., 9001, 14001) . Understanding of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) principles and Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • Must meet the specified physical capabilities for this position on the attached Physical Capabilities Worksheet.
  • Must be able to work shifts. Must be able to work overtime, holidays and weekends
  • Plant operators will sometimes be submitted to working around process raw materials and glass dust. A Powered Air Purifying Respirator is required in some areas and during some activities, such as during plant blow downs.
  • Plant operators will be subject to atmospheric heat and cold (w/o air conditioning and building heating), and process heat (from furnaces or dryer).
  • Plant operators will also be climbing multiple flights of stairs routinely.

Occasionally has to use force of 75+ lbs. to loosen/replace equipm