Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - Skilled Nursing

Buckner Retirement Houston, TX

Position Summary

Responsible for providing physical and emotional support, assistance for activities of daily living (A.D.L.s) for residents, to promote the greatest functional level possible.

* Make frequent resident rounds on a regular basis to check the physical comfort, safety, and cleanliness of residents.

* Maintain compliance with BMM/Buckner policies and procedures. Maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements, state and federal laws.

* Assist with the appropriate implementation of the prescribed health care plan.

* Provide excellent, safe services in care and treatment including: bathing; feeding; oral care; intake of food; dressing; care of hair, nails; moving residents from area to area; responding to calls, etc.

* Provide broad range of cleaning/sanitary services, including: emptying and/or cleaning of urinals, commodes, bedpans; showers, wheelchairs and other equipment, timely and proficiently.

* Accurately and timely document Activities for Daily Living (ADL's), intakes and outputs and other appropriate information on charts.

* Wake up residents, assist with morning grooming and move resident to dining room as needed.

* Change soiled and unsoiled linen; distribute clean towels frequently throughout shift.

* Immediately detect, correct or report situations that have a possibility of causing accidents or injuries to resident or others.

* Observe and immediately report resident reactions and changes in condition; take and record vital signs, as required.

* Safely lift and reposition residents as necessary.

* Pick up meal trays timely; distribute snacks daily.

* Encourage and actively participate in restorative measures; assist in activities.

* Professionally intervene in resident disputes or disruptive behavior, if necessary, to maintain proper facility harmony and resident safety; report such occasions to charge nurse immediately.


* Requires understanding and ability to use simple arithmetic and grammar with accuracy, equivalent to knowledge normally acquired through four years of high school (or G.E.D.).

* Requires the successful completion of Nursing Assistant course or equivalent.

* Minimum one year related experience preferred, or appropriate formal education or Buckner training.

* Must hold and maintain current Texas licensure as a CNA; complete and/or meet training, certification required by Buckner and State.

* Completes and meets required training and certification requirements of Buckner and governing authorities; e.g. nursing aid certificate, CPR.

Job Requirements

* Visual work deals mostly with areas such as preparing and reading data and figures, client records, medical orders, visual inspection involving small details, using measurement devices. Visual work is primarily close to observer. Depth perception and field of vision (peripheral) are not as critical as the ability to distinguish small details and markings very near to the observer. Color perception for some tasks is important.

* Requires ability to recognize differences in sound, such as voices/noises that are loud and playful instead of angry and combative.

* Requires ability to exercise patience, tact, initiative, judgment, and confidentiality (following established guidelines). Works under close supervision with awareness that error may have serious consequences.

* Requires proficient ability to instruct residents in health care measures and methods of improving use of medical services.

* Requires proficient ability to recognize changes in a resident's appearance, attitude, and condition.

* Requires proficient working knowledge of basic health care practices and procedures, including infection control.

* Requires proficient working knowledge of use and monitoring of resident restraints as prescribed by physicians.

* Proficient working knowledge and ability to accurately and timely operate and perform computer related tasks with specific equipment and software applications required