Avionics Technician-Houston, TX

Textron Houston, TX

Performs the tasks of functional testing, troubleshooting and repairing avionics systems on board the aircraft at a Textron Aviation Service Center.


1. Performs the functional testing required to isolate a customer complaint in a particular avionics system and repairing that aircraft system in accordance with FAA procedures.

2. Based on in-flight analysis and/or evaluation of information received from the customer, diagnoses problems and takes corrective action.

3. Troubleshoots problems to defective units or wiring discrepancies.

4. Replaces defective units, repairs wiring and modifies aircraft as required.

5. As required, accompanies pilot in flight to functional test repaired systems and/or aligned systems.

6. Works from aircraft orders, wiring diagrams, oral and written instructions to perform job duties.

7. Responsible only for own work.

8. Performs other related duties as required.

Must be able to obtain and maintain an Airport Security Badge through the local airport authority (if applicable).


2 years college or technical school and/or military avionics/electronic schools


Requires one to three years experience in aircraft avionics, electronics troubleshooting and installation, or directly related experience.


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