C3622 / Bilingual Assistant 1 (3 hrs) / Special Education Assistant 3 (2.25 hrs) / Secretary 2-Office (1 hr) / Health Room Assistant (.50 hrs) / 6.75 Total Hours / Orenco Elementary School

Hillsboro School District 1J Hillsboro, OR
Bilingual Assistant 1 (3 hrs) / Special Education Assistant 3 (2.25 hrs) / Secretary 2, Office (1 hr) / Health Room Assistant (.50 hrs) / 6.75 Total Hours / Orenco Elementary School / Date Needed: 08/28/2018 / 10 Month Work Calendar

Internal Classified employees are not eligible to apply for open positions during their probationary period of employment.

Hiring Administrator: Allison Combs

General Duties:

BA1: Provide effective assistance in the school classroom. Perform a wide variety of duties assisting the teacher in planning and preparing for classroom activities. Perform clerical duties, and work under the guidelines from the Title 1C-Migrant Education and ESL programs

SEA3: Perform a variety of paraprofessional instructional duties assisting a licensed teacher in the instruction of severely disabled students. Instruction and/or service may be separate from the teacher, requiring skill and supervision within the framework of an IEP or program procedure.

Secretary 2, Office: Perform secretarial/clerical duties involving the checking, follow-up, and recording of activity in the department within established procedures. Contact parents and students in person or by telephone. Carry out the specific secretarial needs of the department.

Health Room Assistant: Responsible for administering to the health concerns of students. Maintain the health records of all students. Communicate with staff and parents as needed. Work under the direction of the District Nurse.

Essential Requirements:

* A minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent and two years of post-secondary education or an associate's (or higher) degree. Alternatively, a high school diploma or its equivalent and a passing score on a state or local academic

assessment that measures knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics, may be required

* Current certification in Oregon Intervention System (OIS) or similar Districtassigned program

* Ability to interact in a positive and professional way with others

* Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions

* Ability to perform basic secretarial/clerical skills

* Current First Aid, CPR, and AED certification required

* Mandatory trainings include: health room, Epipen, Glucagon, medication administration, and blood-borne pathogen training

* Ability to perform computerized record keeping

* Ability to multi-task and prioritize student needs

* Ability to physically assist students, implementing programs designed by a physical therapist

* Ability to read, write, and speak in English and Spanish fluently

* Training or experience in working with youth

* Knowledge of community resources

* Ability to perform basic math computations, secretarial and clerical functions with speed and accuracy

* Possess knowledge of, and experience with, word processing programs

* Ability to remain tactful and polite in stressful conditions

* Demonstrated keyboard skills

* Ability to maintain effective, positive relationships with students, fellow employees and the general public

* Maintain integrity of confidential information relating to students, staff, or district patrons

* Ability to effectively work and communicate with students, parents, and school personnel from diverse cultures or backgrounds in English and Spanish, or other language(s) related to the job

* The ability to work harmoniously with others

* Bilingual English/Spanish required (bilingual is defined as fluency in reading, writing and speaking two languages as determined by District screening tool)

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