Assistant Project Accountant

Skanska USA Building Inc Hillsboro, OR
Assistant Project Accountants are considered entry level support personnel and they take direction from and report to the Field Operations staff. It is expected however that this position is governed by the controls established by corporate policy with regards to the processing of financial items related to company projects. Projects with an Assistant Project Accountant will also have a Project Accountant Level or Senior Project Accountant assigned for oversight.


Monthly Requisitioning - accurately process a Monthly Requisition and compile the following documentation (depending on the type of contract) for the Monthly Requisition in order to be reviewed and compiled by the Project Accountant, Senior Project Accountant or Director:

* Site Documentation

* Ensure Subcontractor Invoice/Estimate for Payment (EFP) are accurately completed and approved, as required.

* All general condition invoices must be scanned, approved, coded and sent to Accountant for input into JD Edwards accounts payable on a weekly basis.

* All the above documentation must be compiled and entered into JD Edwards by a set cutoff date each month for timely submission to client for reimbursement.

* Cost Accounting Responsibility

* Input all executed Subcontracts/Change Orders into the PMIS Application and JD Edwards procurement module.

* Engineer will verify accuracy of the data on the Subcontractors Estimate For Payment (EFP) against the Subcontract Status Report and ACR and submit to Project Management for approval.

* Input subcontractor's EFP's into JD Edwards Procurement module.

* Input any lagging general condition invoices that did not get sent to the main office. This should be a minor amount if the weekly submission schedule is adhered to.

* Run JD Edwards Contract Billing process to generate client billings. Apply proper procedure depending on type of contract (Cost Plus, GMP, T&M, Lump Sum, Agency,etc).

* Make copies of missing backup documentation for client bill (timesheets, EFP's, invoices, etc).

Monthly Cost Reports

* Job Cost Reports

* Run job cost for general conditions and submit to Project Management, excluding payroll, on the 15th and 30th of each month.

* Run job cost for labor at the billed rate and submit to Project Management after each payroll has run.

* Anticipated Cost Report (ACR)

* Accountant will enter all budgets per executed contract and budget revisions per executed owner Change Order's into the Project Management Information System (PMIS).

* Accountant will update all actual General Conditions (GC) costs after the requisition has been posted for the month in the PMIS.

* Input updated GC forecasts in PMIS upon receiving from Project Management.

Commitment Maintenance

* Scan/file original Subcontract and Change Orders in preparation for Project Accountant or Sr. Project Accountant to review and upload in JDE.

* Contract processing preparation.

* Request a contract number and vendor setup as required.

* Secure a current certificate of insurance that meets requirements.

* Secure P&P Bond, OR owner indemnification, OR subguard as required.


* General Condition's invoices (approved originals) must be scanned/inputted and delivered to the Project Accounting department per the established cutoff dates and times.

* Subcontractor invoices must be delivered to Project Accounting per the established cutoff dates and times established by the Project Accounting department. The following documentation must be in place to disburse funds:

* Total Executed Contract / Change Orders in JD Edwards must be sufficient to cover the requested payment

* Partial Waiver/General Release, as required.

* Valid Certificate of Insurance as shown in the designated Insurance Database.

* The Estimate for Payment (EFP) must have an original Project Managers signature and either an original invoice from the subcontractor or an original signature on the EFP from the subcontractor.

* A completed "Special Mailing Instructions" form must accompany invoices requiring special delivery of payment.

* We must have been paid by the client or Project Management approval must accompany requests for advance payments, if within issued approval authority guidelines.


* Provide all supplemental reports/documentation as may be required.

Skanska is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to status as a protected veteran or a qualified individual with a disability, or other protected status, such as race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age.