Logistics Anst II

BAE Systems Hill AFB, UT
Reviews and analyzes customer program requirements, equipment design and other data to develop program activities from conceptual stage throughout life cycle of product

Performs Quality Assurance and accuracy of data compiled from team members to ensure valued parts information is delivered to the customer

Makes informed decisions on collected data to research and find a substitute manufacture if necessary

Develops and implements program activities. Coordinates efforts of contractors and customer organizations to resolve problems in logistics areas and to ensure contractual commitments are met

Prepares handbooks, bulletins and information systems to provide logistic support. Compiles data on standardization and interchangeability of parts to expedite logistics activities. Maintains logistic records of operation or project

Prepares and issues regular and special logistics reports to interpret logistic directives and to establish procedures for carrying out directives

Provides management and customer with logistics data. Consults with management to ensure adjustments are made according to program changes to facilitate long-term planning. Attends meetings and conferences with customer and contractor personnel to facilitate logistic program management

May performs special research on technical functions associated with logistic support of equipment and systems