Books-A-Million, Inc. Highland, CA
Job Description

The Co-Manager manages the day to day operation of the store as Manager On-Duty in conjunction with the management team to maximize sales and customer service. The Co-Manager may also be responsible for one of the following categories: book, buyback, or media.

Roles and Responsibilities

* Maximizes profits and customer service by operating the store in adherence with all store policies and guidelines.

* Operates the store as the Manager On-Duty in accordance with the MOD Responsibilities Policy.

* Works with the Management team to achieve a grade of "B" or higher on each Store Appraisal Report.

* Maintains the physical security of the Second & Charles store they are assigned, and in doing so is a key-holding member of management.

* Ensure customer satisfaction on a day-to-day basis.

* Ensuring that all customers are greeted, invited back, and satisfied with their purchases.

* Customer complaints are handled to a satisfactory conclusion.

* Daily maintenance of category merchandising in all departments.

* Maintaining all aspects of the store's operational requirements in order to ensure that exemplary customer service standards are achieved daily.

* Sales, payroll, inventory, merchandising and housekeeping functions at all times.

* Ensures consistent standards and training for determining book conditions and purchase prices.

* Reviews buying reports for all buyers to ensure compliance with Second & Charles policies and standards.

* Monitor process times for book buying. Ensure that process is operating most efficiently at all times.

* Supervise the following Associates/Departments to achieve maximum sales and profits:

* Intake


* Reviews transaction reporting for all intake associates to ensure acceptable credit/cash ratio.

* Reviews transaction reporting for all cashiers to monitor line item markdowns, voids, and compliance with Second & Charles policies and standards.

* Monitors process times for new product intake/offer completion. Ensure that process is operating most efficiently at all times.

* Maintain POS/Intake supply levels.

* Perform audits to ensure that all cash handling procedures are being followed by Associates/Managers.

* Communicate supply needs to General Manager weekly.

* Complete additional assignments as needed.

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Education Requirements

* 21 years of age or older

* High school diploma or equivalent, some college preferred

* Previous experience in a supervisor role

* Successful completion of all required background screenings

Preferred Skills

* Computer and cash register skills

Physical and Environmental Requirements

* Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.

* Must be able to use hands/arms to operate keyboard, telephone and for repetitive motion activities.

* Must be able to lift or team lift objects up to 50 lbs., with or without assistance.

* Must be able to communicate using speech, sight, and sound with or without assistive device.

* Must be able to stand, walk, climb, bend, stoop or crouch while performing daily activities of the job.