Vehicle Technical Support and Information Systems Consultant

Volkswagen Group of America Herndon, VA
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Role Responsibilities:

* Coordinates and provides the necessary supportive services and information, both technical and non-technical in nature to general and local Volkswagen Group product defense staff and legal counsel.

* Assists counsel with research regarding state of prior art of vehicle or information technologies in the U.S.

* Assists counsel in providing answers to interrogatories, requests for production, and request for admissions.

* Performs tests, demonstrations and evaluations, relative to litigation and trial issues in coordination with counsel and conducts personal research projects in order to enhance knowledge of technical matters.

* Conducts research incorporating new methods and technologies for analysis of raw data.

* Performs various field surveys in support of product defense at the request of counsel and or any of the Volkswagen Group companies.

* Evaluates all allegations of fatalities, injuries, or property damage received by VWGoA to determine the reporting obligation under the TREAD Act, serving as the only channel of reporting these allegations.

* Evaluates all consumer complaints and warranty claims received by or created by PAG to determine the reporting obligation under the TREAD Act.

* Evaluates all potential fire or rollover claims received by Volkswagen Group to determine the reporting obligation under the TREAD Act.

* Maintains a log of all case and TREAD data input, cases reviewed, and decisions made with regards to the TREAD act.

* Develops monthly and quarterly reports based on case data reviewed to be provided to various Volkswagen Group personnel responsible for their respective brand's information.

* Performs various audits on all PAG case data on a monthly basis.

* Development of responses and engineering analyses used in responses on behalf of the company to inquiries received by the NHTSA.

* Coordinates with other VWGoA and VW Group Brand personnel to establish consistency across all Volkswagen Group Brands with respect to TREAD reporting.

* Develops programs and enhancements to existing programs and databases to increase office productivity and efficiency where possible.

* Performs queries and searches of databases to develop statistical data, production responses, audit data, and find similar matters.

* Maintains current knowledge of the functionality, capabilities, and general infrastructure of vehicle technology/autonomous systems, specifically those found in Volkswagen Group Vehicles.

* Maintains current knowledge in the functionality, capabilities, and general infrastructure of Event Data Recorder technology, specifically in Volkswagen Group vehicles.

* Maintains current knowledge in the functionality, capabilities and general infrastructure of Electric Vehicle technology, specifically in Volkswagen Group vehicles.

* Assists with technical related inquiries, reviews, and investigations where needed.

* Works with legal counsel to develop and present specific and broad defense strategies, which will best serve the interests of the corporation in matters of litigation and trial effectively and efficiently.

* Participates in relevant legal and engineering conferences to enhance and improve technical expertise in automotive product and system performance and functionality.

* Performs a personal liaison function with appropriate personnel throughout Volkswagen Group Organizations, in order to acquire and prepare technical data relative to the defense of these entities in coordination with counsel.

* Works with counsel and other personnel to ensure necessary data collection is current using a variety of techniques and databases, analyzing the data and producing quantitative and qualitative reports.

* Evaluates all internally available information responsive to lawsuit allegations and advises counsel with respect to findings.

Years of Experience:

* 3-5 years


* Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering or the equivalent in related experience.

Specialized Skills-Required

* Education and training in any of the following areas would be helpful: Electronic, Embedded and Digital Systems; System Design; Data Communications and Computer Networks.

* Good communication skills are required to understand, interpret, explain and report upon complex engineering and technical documentation.

Specialized Skills-Desired

* 3 – 5 years of related automotive technical experience

* Automotive product knowledge extremely helpful especially in the following areas (vehicle components, systems and functions) with focus on Vehicle Safety and Dynamics; On-board diagnostics and Infotainment Systems

* Volkswagen Group automotive product knowledge and experience

* Basic understanding of legal processes and handling evidence

* Understanding of TREAD Act responsibilities

Work Flexibility:

* Must be prepared to travel 25% to perform assigned duties.

We are proud to be an EEO employer M/F/D/V.

We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing.


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