AWS Studio Manager, Virginia, Inc. Herndon, VA
Produce customer centric video and audio productions and support customer projects, through the application of high definition video systems and services. Video producer needs strong organizational skills, ability to work across multiple teams and cultures, demonstrate impeccable customer service and an unyielding passion for professional deliverables.

Responsibilities include:

* Have a deep understanding of video production, animation, visual storytelling and the creative process.

* Report to direct supervisor weekly/monthly/ad hoc to deliver key metrics on project intake and output.

* Report on team productivity, development, equipment needs and strategic planning.

* Write justifications and submit PR's for necessary equipment and supplies.

* Able to recognize when a project is out of scope, contribute to budgeting cycles

* Work with management to build location service and expansion efforts.

* Work on process improvements and marketing to local customers.

* Work with management to hiring of new staff.

* Manage archiving.

* Project Intake:

o Write quotes, timelines, creative treatments and statements of work for projects including: Animation, Video, Photography, Graphic Design and Audio

o Establish a clear line of communication with the client to ensure the scope and direction

* Project Development:

o Work with customer and team to create a concept and vision for the project

o Write and collaborate on scripts for live-action and animation, simplify technical messages

o Interpret and reformat scripts written by customers

o Location scouting and travel if needed for several days at a time

* Project Management:

o Create production schedules

o Maintain timeline, scope and budget

* Post Production:

o Coordinate post production of Audio, Video, Graphic Design, Animation and Photography.

o Ensure vision and direction makes it to final deliverable

o Color correct, audio mix, fine edit and compress to formats for customer deliverables

o Wrap

§ Ensure all tasks are complete

§ Ensure all hours are logged and correct

§ Obtain final approval from the client