Process Quality Technician Lead

Lamb Weston Holdings Inc Hermiston, OR
Job Description Summary

Tests and inspects products at various stages of production process and complies and evaluate statistical data to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products.

Major duties include disposition of held product; making sure specifications are correct for the label that is being ran; and instruct and review other lab technicians to make sure that the proper procedure is being performed.

The overall purpose is to make sure that the products meet customer expectations.

Job Description

* Maintains safe work practices at all times and participates in safety programs.

* Selects products for tests at specified stages in the production process, and tests products for a variety of qualities such as defect, dimensions, performance, and chemical characteristics.

* Records test data by applying statistical quality control procedures.

* Evaluates data and write reports to validate or indicate deviations from existing standards.

* Recommends modifications of existing quality or production standards to achieve optimum quality within limits of equipment capability.

* Prepares graphs or charts of data or enters data into computer for analysis.

* Reviews techniques and procedures with other lab technicians.

* Calibrates lab equipment

* Relieves other employees for breaks.

* Insures that lab work areas are maintained in a clean, neat, and orderly manner.

Job Qualifications

* Must have good communication skills oral and written.

* Must be a qualified Process Quality Technician.

* The work area is located mainly in the frozen Q.A. lab. Fryer smoke in the lab is heavy at times. It is temperature controlled and relatively noise-free. Occasional trips to the freezer to get samples of product exposes the lab lead to temperatures below 0 degrees for ½ at a time. You must also be aware of forklift traffic and slippery floors. Samples are taken from moving belts, conveyors, and other moving equipment. Some tests involve the use of chemicals.

* The work setting is critical in performing the job and should be considered when filling this position.