Packaging Lead

Lamb Weston Holdings Inc Hermiston, OR
Job Description Summary

This position is responsible for all operations of assigned area on a shift basis. This includes providing leadership and directing plant employees in their assigned duties relating to Packaging. Including the management of Packaging personnel, ihis position is responsible for the sanitation, set up, start up, adjustment, and running of all equipment in the packaging area. It is their responsibility, under the direction of the supervisor, to insure all packaging meets quality specifications for paper type, bag code, case code, case condition, and bag length. They are also responsible for cleaning the automatic product scales and baggers in a way that no foreign material is introduced into the product.

Job Description

Individuals in this position must:

* Follow all plant safety policies and procedures. Be actively involved in safety, participate in safety programs, engaged in safety activities, perform risk assessments and demonstrate ownership as well as leadership in personal safety and the safety of other team members.

* Teamwork with other departments including Quality Assurance, Sanitation, Warehouse, Maintenance, and other Production Leads.

* Control various operations to assure proper steps are taken to remain in compliance with USDA and FDA food laws and company policies.

* Knowledge of the function and basic operating characteristics of each piece of equipment under his/her control for proper quality and grade of the product being produced and packaged.

* Communicate recommended adjustments to operators and line settings to maintain the highest level of productivity.

* Responsible for proper training of personnel to assure that operators recognize discrepancies and make adjustments and/or repairs prior to any loss of productivity occurs.

* Managing the operating and adjusting all equipment from the Node [Product bagger distribution, including shakers, belts, feeders, scaling equipment, packaging machines, Blueprints, case settlers, gluers, and coders] to insure product is efficiently packaged according to product specifications.

* Keep package machines loaded with paper.

* Monitoring line-flow rates: Regular checks for proper feed of product through baggers for maximum efficiency. Monitors and adjusts vibrators to gain optimum bagger performance. Includes continuous scraping to allow for optimum product level.

* Monitoring bagger operation: Ensures by regular checks that baggers are being fed with enough product to run efficiently. Ability to perform metal detector checks. Checks bag weights and adjusts to meet Q.A. standards. Changes tape and wires on jaws. Changes paper and poly rolls. Checks poly codes with Q.A. and continuously monitors for accuracy.

* Monitoring Blueprint operation: Adjusts for different fiber. Adjusts chair. Loads with fiber. Adjusts bag settlers as needed to minimize breakage.

* Monitoring case settler operation: Adjusts for different fiber. Monitors headspace on cases and adjusts settings accordingly (compression, time and height).

* Monitoring case sealer operation: Adjust for different fiber. Monitors and adjusts glue patterns. Changes glue heads as needed. Ensures proper sanitation and operation (changes or scrapes glue head and housing continuously).

* Monitoring Ink-jet coder: Programs proper code statement. Adjusts for optimum code placement and clarity on case.

* Monitoring line sanitation: Keeps baggers clean of crumbs. Cleans take-away belts. Keeps floors clean of debris. Cleans Node area as needed, or assigned. Ensures all of Packaging is clean and food safe.

* Regulating product flow through equipment and adjust bin dumps as necessary to achieve maximum packaging efficiency.

* Ensuring bag lengths meet targets by monitoring and adjusting lengths. Advise supervisor if bag lengths cannot be obtained.

* Ensuring proper paper and cases are used per product specification.

* Working to achieve minimum paper and case waste.

* Performing sanitation work as assigned by the supervisor to include scraping product feeders and product scaling equipment during downtime.

* Helping train new personnel in the position of Package Operator

* Communicating a team's need of packaging material (paper, poly, carton) from Dry Supply as needed.

* Assist with records packaging machinery efficiencies, downtime and fills out reports accurately and correctly.

* Troubleshooting equipment operation: Able to identify mechanical and electrical equipment problems and take action by notifying proper personnel. Operates equipment with minimum waste.

* Supporting Packaging team through reworking product, while reusing fiber when appropriate.

* Gives other employees breaks as directed by the team leader

* May be required to use a 2 way radio.

* Required to use a computer touch screen to monitor and control equipment.

* Communicate all problems/challenges to the shift supervisor.

* Follow good housekeeping practices and GMP's.

* Wear required PPE.

* Actively participate in AMD activities

* Perform any other duties as assigned by a Team Leader

Job Qualifications

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this job. To successfully perform this job an individual must:

* Sanitation qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained.

* Employee must be Lock-out/Tag-out qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained.

* Forklift Certification is required. If not, employee must meet requirements to become forklift certified.

* Read, understand, and obey all plant rules and practice safety as outlined in the employee handbook.

* Practice proper body mechanics and safe lifting techniques.

* Be knowledgeable of the potential hazards and safety procedures associated with the task being performed.

* Actively practice and abide by all Company work, safety, and personal hygiene rules and regulations as outlined in the employee handbook.

* Must be able to work independently and as a team player, be organized, and plan ahead.


High school diploma or general education degree (GED) preferred.

Language Skills

Effectively communicate in English verbally and in writing. Ability to understand instructions and follow directions in English.

Work Environment

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the functions of this job. The employee:

* The noise level in the work environment can exceed 85 dB.

* Will regularly work near moving mechanical parts.

* Will frequently be exposed to humid conditions as well as moderate heat.

* May be occasionally work around fumes or airborne particles, chemicals, and vibration.

* Will work around forklift traffic.

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