Area Owner - ADR Operator

Lamb Weston Holdings Inc Hermiston, OR
Job Description Summary

This position is responsible for maintaining desired product quality through the proper operation of the computer controlled inspection system. The operator is also to maintain a safe and sanitary work environment in their assigned area. The ADR Operator operates and adjusts all sorter and defect removal equipment for smooth and productive operations; monitors lineflow and waste; corrects problems which affect quality and production costs; and makes adjustments as direction by the Production Lead or Team Leader. This position is responsible for evaluating work processes to determine strategies and programs which provide greater productivity and efficiency of company functions by performing the following duties.

Job Description

Individuals in this position must:

* Follow all plant safety policies and procedures. Be actively involved in safety, participate in safety programs, engaged in safety activities, perform risk assessments and demonstrate ownership as well as leadership in personal safety and the safety of other team members.

* Working Operator with additional responsibilities, including but not limited to:

* Gathers information to evaluate area work processes and equipment functionality in order to improve the flow of work, time requirements, and duration.

* Develops strategies and tools that improve the productivity and efficiency of the various work processes of the respective area

* Develops and coordinates programs for suggestions and actions related to process improvement.

* Facilitates area teams to build cohesiveness and improve the overall results of the respective teams' tasks.

* Directly involved with communicating to Line Ownership team.

* Frequent/constant communication with Production Lead, Team Lead Group, and leadership team.

* Flexibility for multi-shift training, partnership and communication

* Help build and maintain CIL's, 5S and shift communication tools

* Responsible for operating, cleaning, and troubleshooting the plant's optical sorter equipment including vision modules, upper knife assemblies, ejection modules, light modules. This includes all feed equipment such as conveyor belts and shaker conveyors.

* Own process from sliver removals to blancher

* Communicate with process and packaging equipment operators, maintenance personnel, and Plant Leadership to oversee the operation, maintenance, and sanitation of the ADR and Optical sorters.

* Perform upfront defect checks and enter them into the QA system in the computer

* Perform waste tests for Bad:Good ratios and averages.

* Maintain desired product quality.

* Communicate line status and quality to supervisors, maintenance, and other shifts.

* May be required to use a 2 way radio.

* Required to use a computer touch screen to monitor and control equipment.

* Understand hazards associated with the chemicals in use, raw product evaluation, how processing affects finished product attributes, and be able to refer to and understand product specifications on the computer.

* Clean general area as needed using proper cleaning procedures. Perform downtime cleanup as assigned. Example: Shoveling product spills

* Provide relief for breaks and lunch to the Cutter Deck Operator

* Follow good housekeeping practices and GMP's.

* Wear required PPE.

* Actively participate in AMD activities; Maintains Centerlines and CIL's

* Perform any other duties as assigned by a Team Leader

Job Qualifications

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this job. To successfully perform this job an individual must:

* Sanitation qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained.

* Employee must be Lock-out/Tag-out qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained.

* Must exhibit mechanical and electrical aptitude, capable of working independently and in a group setting

* Read, understand, and obey all plant rules and practice safety as outlined in the employee handbook.

* Practice proper body mechanics and safe lifting techniques.

* Be knowledgeable of the potential hazards and safety procedures associated with the task being performed.

* Actively practice and abide by all Company work, safety, and personal hygiene rules and regulations as outlined in the employee handbook.

* Must be able to work independently and as a team player, be organized, and plan ahead.


High school diploma or general education degree (GED) preferred.

Language Skills

Effectively communicate in English verbally and in writing. Ability to understand instructions and follow directions in English.

Work Environment

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the functions of this job. The employee:

* The noise level in the work environment can exceed 85 dB.

* Will regularly work near moving mechanical parts.

* Will frequently be exposed to humid conditions as well as moderate heat.

* May occasionally work around fumes or airborne particles, chemicals, and vibration.

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