Technical Writer

State of Montana Helena, MT
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Materials Required of Applicants:

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* Resume

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This is a grant funded position through May 2019. The subject matter of the work for this position will be limited to the subject and scope determined by the grant award.

This position serves as a technical writer for Management and Fair Hearings and is responsible for researching, designing and developing accurate, complete, consistent, and readable materials related to a wide variety of the Department's programs and strategic initiatives. The position creates and edits technical reports and requirements, operations procedures, press releases, administrative rules, legislative bills, grant applications, manuals, division policies and procedures, forms, and other publications for the Department. The position also prepares and makes content updates to the Program Sponsor, internet and intranet websites.

Development, Design, and Delivery

* Develops original documents, reports, and informational materials from independent research, interviews, review of appropriate data, and results of work completed in the division on a wide range of Department topics.

* Proofreads and checks self-produced documents to ensure materials are accurate, complete, consistent, reproducible, and in proper sequence.

* Prioritizes projects by reviewing work schedules, deadlines, and constraints and coordinating work that needs to be done. Sets draft and review deadlines.

* Develops overall organization, layout, and design of documentation products to ensure quality, professionalism, and compliance with division policy and legal standards.

* Identifies and develops appropriate visuals for presentation. Identifies and/or creates graphic elements for publications, including photographs, drawings, sketches, diagram charts and other materials.

* Edits technical documents prepared by other personnel and improves clarity and conciseness, questions apparent problems in content and policy, reviews tone and recommends changes for professional and positive impact, and correct grammar and punctuation.

* Designs, formats, and updates forms as requested using knowledge of document functions, document design techniques, and Department's goals, objectives, policies, and procedures.

* Determines the most practical and cost-efficient way to produce and complete project, based on customer requirements and intended audience.

Research and Analysis

* Researches, compiles, and analyzes information of a technical nature to determine need for revisions in previously published division materials and the development of new publications.

* Conducts in-depth interviews with subject matter experts to compile information and to understand products or procedures.

Other duties as assigned:

* Performs a variety of other duties as assigned in support of the agency mission and objectives.

Physical and Environmental Demands: Work is performed in a normal office environment with keyboarding responsibilities. Position will work from different office locations within the Helena area based upon project assignments. Occasional travel including overnight 5% of the time.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors):

Required for the first day of work:

* Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of communication and media, English and technical writing.

* Knowledge of research methods and techniques.

* Knowledge of document layout, proper editing style, and document production and printing processes.

* Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing tailored to the needs of the audience.

* Ability to utilize active listening skills and understand the viewpoints of others.

* Ability to follow up and ensure customer expectations have been met.

* Ability to develop a shared understanding of a project by all parties involved.

* Ability to handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously without jeopardizing quality.

* Ability to achieve goals and bring projects to completion.

* Ability to take a logical approach to problems, understanding, comprehending and defining issues and approaches.

* Extensive skills in the use of computers, word processing software; graphics and presentation techniques and software; and the development and design of spreadsheets.

Required Minimum Education and Experience:

* Bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, Communications, Human Services or related field.

* Two years of work experience including researching and documenting business operations, communications and processes.

* Other combinations of education and experience will be considered on a case by case basis.