Patient Sitter - .6 FTE

St. Peter's Hospital Helena, MT
JOB SUMMARY (overview of job): Under the supervision of an RN, a Patient Sitter provides close observation of patients. Patient Sitters assist in the provision of a safe and clean environment for patients who because of physiologic, mental and/or behavioral limitations, or has made a suicide attempt or is expressing suicidal ideations are deemed at risk for additional injury. A Patient Sitter is initiated by a physician order and/or nursing judgement. Promotes the therapeutic milieu and the efficiency of the nursing team. Supports the System and Nursing Strategic Plans, Relationship-Based Care, and Shared Leadership.


* Obtains verbal report from the patient's nurse to include information regarding the patient's identified care needs, diagnosis, visual, auditory, or language barriers, as well as any special consideration (NPO, bed alarms, etc.)

* Positions self in patient room at bedside to maintain constant visual observation of the patient. Patient Sitter never leaves the patient alone or out of sight unless specifically instructed by the nurse. The Patient Sitter should be within 4-6 feet of the patient at all times. Patient Sitter should always maintain line of sight with the patient.

* Obtains instruction from the nurse regarding ambulation limitations and course of action for redirection of patient if needed.

* May transport patient for testing and procedures off the unit but must accompany and remain within arm's length of patient unless otherwise directed by the person performing the test or procedure.

* Observant of the patient's activity and behavior and communicates on a regular basis to the nurse. Receives direction from the nurse re: what to report, to whom, and how. St. Peter's Health computers will only be used for documentation. Personal cell phones, pagers, and computers may be used by the Patient Sitter while on break and NEVER while sitting with a patient.

* Provides for patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Maintains patient environment in a safe and orderly manner. Completes a new Sitter Checklist at each handoff and documented in the electronic medical record to ensure patient safety while care is provided at St. Peter's Health.

* Patient Sitters ensure all patient belongings are secured in a location where the patient does not have access i.e. locked locker or outside of the patient's room.

* Functions cooperatively as a team member. Responds as directed by responsible nurse to changing patients/unit's needs. If an emergency situation should arise the Patient Sitter should stay with the patient and call for help out the door or use the patient call light.

* Communicates in a professional manner and demonstrates respect for patient, families/significant other and other health care members.

* Offers support and feedback to peers and staff. Applies principles of caring and healing interactions with patients, families, and colleagues.

* Accurately and legibly records data collected and notifies RN of any untoward events, i.e. behavioral changes, violent behavior etc.

* Seeks and supports opportunities for professional growth and development.

* Offers consistent and visible support to team members.

* Complies with all St. Peter's Health rules, regulations, policies, and nursing standards.

* Strives to achieve excellence of service.

* Verbalizes understanding and responsibilities during all St. Peter's Health Emergency codes. The assigned patient remains the sitter's PRIMARY responsibility at all times.

* Responsible for honest behavior in all matters. To the best of the employee's knowledge and understanding, complies with all Federal and State laws and regulations.

* Maintains the privacy and security of all confidential and protected health information. Uses and discloses only that information which is necessary to perform the function of the job.

* Performs related duties as assigned.

* The Patient Sitter needs to document every 15 minutes on the Patient Observation Rounds sheet.

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE: This position requires a person who exhibits a positive attitude, excellent communication skills, the ability to work productively under stress, and who displays a professional demeanor and is able to prioritize workloads. The employee in this position must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a safe environment and therapeutic milieu based on the age of the patients served. The employee must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span, possess the ability to communicate observed changes in patient's behavior/activity to the RN. This job description will change from time to time as tasks, organization, and technology changes.

EDUCATION: High school graduate or equivalent required. CNA/EMS certificate preferred. Mental Health experience preferred.

LICENSE/CERTIFICATION/REGISTRY: CPR, First Aid, Secure Training, Emergency Preparedness are all required prior to sitting with a patient.