Patient Service Tech - .8 FTE (Internal Dept. Applicants Only)

St. Peter's Hospital Helena, MT
JOB SUMMARY(overview of job): The Patient Service Technician can complete a vary of duties that assures that patients are served the meals as ordered by the physician by taking the patient's calls as a call center operator and guiding the patients in ordering meals in accordance with their physician's diet order, educating the patient about the room service program and assess their ability to complete room service orders and to check each and every room service tray for accuracy and quality standards prior to leaving the kitchen. This position is responsible for serving accurate, physician ordered meals to patients as well as recording in the medical record the amount of the meal consumed. The Patient Service Technician assures that patients get the appropriate therapeutic menu to make choices for their meals and assesses the patients ability to complete room service orders, when the patient is unable to call in their own meal choices the representative prepares menu selections using their communication skills and therapeutic diet knowledge to provide patient with nutritious meal considering the patient's preferance and limitations.. This position is responsible for communicating to the patient and family members the patients room service menu options and limiitations as well as advertising the room service guest tray program. The Patient Service Technician does do some food preparation by preparing nourishments for the patients requiring those items. Must use food safety knowledge and efficient work habits to efficiently serve meals and pick up meals from patients. Position inventories and stocks unit pantries to designated levels and records the amounts stocked .

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE: Food service experience in a health care setting is desired. Work with therapeutic diets is preferred.

EDUCATION: High school diploma or GED preferred. Need reading skills to interpret diet manual.


Aptitudes: Must use questioning and probing skills to effectively meet patients expectations. Must be able to communicate with words what is available for patients to make choices with regard to their menu choices. Must be good at checking all the details against a standard.