St. Peter's Hospital Helena, MT
JOB SUMMARY (overview of job):Under the leadership of Director of Imaging Services, the lead will manage the day to day operations of the modality they are overseeing. The following functions will be the responsibility of the lead position.

* Patient Safety: Responsible for radiation exposure (as applicable), equipment maintenance and overall patient safety issues.

* Patient schedules: Responsible for managing the daily patient's schedules. This includes prioritizing the needs of the referring physicians and patients to accommodate add-on exams into our daily schedules.

* Protocols: Responsible for the development, implementation, changes and updates of protocols. Compliance of staff selecting and using protocols. Maintenance of uniform standards and image quality.

* CQI & QA: Responsible for the development and participation in both CQI and QA yearly plans and activities (as approved by Director).

* Patient Experience: Accountable for improvement of Patient experience and scores for both the modality and the department.

* Staffing & Scheduling: Responsible for the development of staffing schedules that meet both the physicians and patients needs. These schedules must also meet the productivity standards set forth by the director and budgets for each year.

* PACS: Responsible for insuring that all images and studies transfer to PACS in a timely and quality manner. The lead must also work cohesively with the PACS Administrator to resolve any and all issues.

* Staff Training/ orientation: Responsible for a training and orientation function that is employee centered, complete and timely.

* Staff Development: Responsible for the teaching or improvement of skills to employees.

* Regulatory Compliance: Responsible for the compliance of the modality to JCAHO, CMS and other regulating agencies. Responsible for the education and compliance of each employee for each standard that applies to your modality. May be asked to function as a member of a department compliance team.

* Equipment maintenance: Responsible for insuring adequate equipment maintenance.

* Equipment vendors and Biomed: Responsible for being a liaison with both equipment vendors and Biomed Services.

* Department Projects: May be assigned responsibility for participating in or leading department projects such as ACR accreditation, Breast Center of Excellence and promotion of department to our physicians, community and patients.

* Inventory: Responsible for the ordering and management of inventory.

* Lead meetings: Responsible to attend and participate in lead meetings.

* Modality Liaison: Responsible for being a liaison between other modalities, nursing, ED, scheduling, admitting, physicians, and transporters to ensure the smooth provision of patient care by the modality.

* Expert: Being a subject matter expert in your area.

* Staff performance input: Provide director with input regarding staff performance.

* Evaluations: Provide input and feedback for employee evaluation and competency assessment.

* Positive, encouraging and promotional: Responsible for always setting the example of positive interactions, encouraging actions and promoting co-workers, physicians hospital, and medical group.

* Other duties as assigned by leadership team.

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE: Has a minimum or six to ten years experience performing procedures in CT/MRI modality is required. Four years continuous employment at SPH is required to be eligible to cross-train into this position or must have one to three years experience as a Lead technologist at a comparable facility.

EDUCATION: Graduate from an approved School of Radiology Technology and an associate's degree in medical Imaging are required. A BS/BA degree is preferred.

Note: Consideration may be made in reference to substituting job experience for the education requirements based upon job-related education and previous leadership experience.

LICENSE/CERTIFICATION/REGISTRY: Current Registry with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist in Radiology requires required. Additional registry in specific modalities being over seen is required. A license to practice as a Radiology Technologist or applicable modality in the State of Montana is required. Maintain BCLS.


* Ability to achieve cognitive, organization and emotional maturity to deal effectively with multiple tasks, stresses, deadlines, difficult situations and/or customers.

* Possesses interpersonal/communication skills necessary for effective, non-judgmental, and empathetic patient care and customer relations.

* Open to feedback and open to a changing environment, which requires flexibility in scheduling and department assignments.

* Demonstrated ability to effectively and creatively solve problems with a minimum of immediate supervision.

* Demonstrated ability to plan and use time wisely.

* Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate with patients/families who may be under physical and emotional stress.

* Gather and exchange information effectively with nursing personnel, physicians, and customers.

* Ability to enter data accurately using the computer.

* Knowledge of billing and Coding.

* Ability to resolve electronic/ paper orders.

* Ability to manage the reduction of department late charges, insure charges are in within 3 days, resolve late charge issues.

* Ability to manage patient schedules to insure responsiveness to physician/ patient needs and expectations.

Incumbent schedule: Based on the operational need which may include: weekdays, weekends, holidays, nights, extended shifts and stand by/ call.