Business Development/Lead Generator

Dynamic Network Factory
 Hayward, CA

Business Development/Lead Generator

DNF Storage telephone agent:

We are seeking a career-minded individual who is willing to aspire to a high and consistent level of performance in outbound lead generation, then apply this knowledge in the recruiting, training, monitoring and support for a team of 10-20 agents within the next year.

A successful candidate for this position should have the following qualifications:

  • Exceptional English language speaking, reading, writing and comprehension
  • Prevalent auditory dominant, i.e., speaks distinctly and at medium pace, like a radio announcer
  • Excellent listener and able to mirror the other person on the phone
  • Articulate with incredible attention to detail
  • Positive, upbeat personality
  • College level education
  • Experienced in high technology environments
  • Preferably experienced in telemarketing or telephone customer service
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to motivate others
  • Willing to learn all required skills with hands-on expertise, then train other personnel
  • Sorts by others, i.e., sees issues by how they affect others rather than self
  • Patient and flexible, able to integrate new information quickly and doesnt mind interruptions
  • Able to multi-task with phone, personnel, administrative and technical functions
  • Comfortable and experienced dealing with corporate decision-makers
  • Strong computer skills and ability to learn new applications quickly and independently
  • Potential for providing feedback for improvement of techniques, processes and training
  • Ambitious and willing to make a personal investment of time and commitment above and beyond the execution of the initial job
  • Willing to help us be successful in developing a new process and understands the value of that commitment