Patient Safety Companion

Upper Chesapeake Health Havre De Grace, MD
An individual who provides direct observation of patients to ensure the safety of the patient and/or other patients, team members and family. Interacts with patients from toddlers to geriatric, with all types of illnesses. Assists in the maintenance of a safe and clean environment.

Education & Training: High School diploma/GED required. Knowledge of proper body mechanics.

Work Orientation & Experience: Prior patient care experience preferred. Must complete Patient Safety Companion-training program and the management of aggressive behavior courses provided by ERDD.

Skills & Abilities: a) Effectively convey verbal and written information; b) demonstrates maturity, tact, judgment and sensitivity to people; c) responds to emergency situations appropriately; d) able to function independently with minimal supervision; e) understands and respects importance of patient privacy and confidentiality; f) follow directions; g) organize and manage time effectively, setting appropriate priorities; h) effectively function as a member of a collaborative team