Cook - Hoss's

Hoss's Steak and Sea House Hanover, PA
Status: Non‑Exempt Hourly

Supervisor: Kitchen Supervisor (Direct Supervisor) or Shift Manager

Job Classification: Food Service

Our cooks ensure that every guest receives the Highest Quality Entrees that are prepared accurately, in the optimum serving time with attention to detail and plate presentation to provide our guests a special dining experience.


* Provides Quality Entrees with the Guest as the #1 priority.

* Ensures guest satisfaction through interaction and coordination with all departments, levels and functions within the store. Support all fellow crew member's efforts and treats each other with the mutual respect necessary to promote a pleasant and efficient working environment.

* Maintains a clean and professional appearance that reflects the Hoss's brand and culture.

* Complies with all Hoss quality, service, operational, safety and sanitation standards.

* Fulfills all orders accurately and prepares the entrée exactly as the guest requests

* Provides each guest with a quality entrée that is hot, flavorful and has great plate appearance.

* Delivers an entrée that is prepared to exact specifications and is customized to any guests special requests

* Maintains efficient procedures and systems, entrées are prepared in the optimum serving time.

* Proactively ensures that meals are of the highest quality and will pull any meal that doesn't achieve standards.

General Description

* Knows menu and products.

* Prepares food according to Hoss's recipes and quality standards.

* Produces Hoss quality meals within our guest serving-time range. Lunch: 5 – 10 minutes. Dinner: 15 – 18 minutes.

* Stocks food items.

* Cleans and maintains equipment.

* Maintains proper sanitation control of products.

* Interacts with guests and purveyors in a courteous and professional way.

* Performs other duties as assigned or directed

* Knows the operation and maintenance of all Hoss equipment.

* Utilizes all QA standards relating to the kitchen.

* Complies with Hoss's safety and sanitation standards.