Buyer (16267-1)
 Hampton, NH
Function Description

Plans and organizes all elements of product manufacturing and distribution related to the acquisition of materials and services.

Discipline Description

Responsible for all aspects of the relationship with a specific supplier within a commodity. Directs and manages all schedules, and purchase orders for the client account or the product family. Ensures product is delivered on time, meets quality standards, and at the right cost. May perform delivery assurance responsibilities.

Organization Level Description

• Seasoned professional contributor.

• May manage small projects or processes.

• Has advanced knowledge of work area.

• Problems faced are difficult and sometimes complex.

• Works autonomously with limited oversight from manager.

• Coaches and reviews the work of lower level professionals.

• Influences others regarding policies, practices and procedures.


Experienced Procurement professional. Executes processes, standards, and operational plans in support of Procurement goals, including RFPs, negotiations, cost accountability, and/or program execution. Authorizes purchase orders, approve payments, and responds to client issues to ensure the procurement process goes smoothly.

Responsibility Statements

•Executes processes, standards, and operational plans in support of Procurement goals, including RFPs, negotiations, cost accountability, and / or program execution.

•Approves and qualifies vendors to fulfill account needs.

•Responds to client issues or problems.

•Authorizes purchase orders and approves payments to ensure the procurement process goes smoothly.

•Analyzes and reviews price proposals, financial reports, and other data and information to provide input on reasonable prices.

•Prepares and reviews request for proposals (RFP) and bid packages.

•Analyzes and monitors contract performance to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.