Auto Body Paint Prep - 2nd Shift

REV Group Grove City, OH

Perform all paint prep and body work functions with little to no supervision in order to prepare the emergency vehicles for its final paint job. Prepare the emergency vehicle for paint by functions such as sanding, light body work, taping, and chemically washing items to achieve a quality painting surface. Occasionally perform heavier body work as required by production. This would include the complete phases of repairing holes, major dents and other general body work functions. Buffing and polishing to obtain an acceptable quality of the finished product.


* Understand and carry out verbal and written directions in English.

* Close attention to detail.

* Function with a minimal amount of supervision or no supervision.

* Set work priorities to meet production goals as scheduled per assigned department.

* Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those in contact on a day to day basis.

* Meet minimum standards of safety per assigned department.

* Meet minimum standards of 5S per assigned department.

* Be compliant with all the rules of conduct and attendance per the company handbook.

* Seal all seams and prepare all products properly.

* Wipe down all areas to be painted with a degreaser and solvent.

* Grinding all welds and filling with body filler.

* Mask off edges and areas where paint is not required.

* Fill any dents and gouges in metal.

* Air file; mix sand; and apply body fillers to finished surface.

* Use of double action sander.

* Apply caulking to proper areas.

* Clean and maintain equipment and paint guns as required.

* Use of chemicals safely according to established criteria.

* Ensure that hazardous waste that is handled is placed into the proper container(s).

* Maintains all satellite and storage containers in a closed position unless adding or removing waste.

* Familiar with Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan.

* Knows spill response procedures and evacuation routes.

* Other duties and responsibilities as required.


* Ability to read, write, comprehend, and verbally communicate simple instructions, short correspondence and memos in English, including production orders.

* Ability to perform all operations within acceptable quality and time standards.

* Ability to recognize quality expected and be able to reproduce it.

* Ability to run dual action sanders, grinders and miscellaneous hand tools.

* Ability to spray primers with an air paint system.

* Must have full knowledge of quality requirements to produce acceptable finish paint.

* Must be able to retain information taught with regard to chemicals and related items and the proper usage of the same.

* Able to learn how to mix primers and other paint products.

* Must have general knowledge of OSHA and EPA standards.

* Be trained in Hazardous Materials Handling Operations with an annual refresher course.

* Hazardous waste training shall be provided to employee within six months of the date the employee filled this position and a review of this training provided every 12 months thereafter. Employee shall be supervised until training is complete. This training will consist of at least 30 minutes of classroom instruction and additional on the job training as needed.

* Training will include familiarization with roles as outlined in Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan.