Assembler-Electrical-Electronics C
 Greenville, TX


Job Title: Assembler-Electrical-Electronics C

Job Code: IMS20202206-46806

Job Location: Greenville, TX


  • This occupation requires the fabrication and assembly of electrical and electronic parts, materials, hardware, wiring harnesses, components and sub-assemblies into completed assemblies in the manufacture and modification of electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical equipment, consoles, racks, etc. Reliability, communications skills, workmanship, and good judgment are essential traits.
  • AEEs at all levels are expected to perform work at increasing levels of skill and complexity as they gain experience.


Responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Enter and retrieve data into and from various computer systems.
  • Ability to interpret electrical-electronic terminology, symbols, codes, etc. while working from various work instructions, drawings, and standard assembly procedures, etc.
  • Perform all basic tasks required in the electrical and electronic occupations such as soldering, lugging, string tying, and operation of wire, circo, wave solder equipment, etc.
  • Fabricates and assembles all types of electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical equipment, parts, materials, hardware, wire, wire bundles, etc., and their associated equipment into sub-assemblies and complete assemblies.
  • Determine wire routing and assembly sequence on racks, consoles, panels, boxes, etc. that are similar in construction and design to previously fabricated units.
  • Work first articles racks, consoles, panels, boxes, etc. where wire routing will not be predetermined.
  • Route and fabricate single or multi-wire harnesses for formboards per drawing and work instructions.
  • Performs troubleshooting, test checks (continuity, bonding, etc.) reworks and modification changes requiring the same level of skills as defined in the classification.
  • Performs other work as assigned that is incremental to primary job duties or other assigned work that may be performed safely using commonly available tools.
  • Accountable for tools, equipment and clean work area.
  • Obtain and maintain certifications essential to accomplish required work.
  • Employees assigned a Product quality Verification (PQV) Level II stamp must inspect and accept their own work and other non-certified and certified employees' work, stating the product meets all specifications. Level I employees must inspect and accept their own work.
  • May assist higher or lower rated employees with job duties/performance.


  • Works with and uses all tools, materials, machines, equipment and instruments required to perform job duties.
  • Management may determine that specific training or certifications are required for certain work, jobs, tools, equipment, or assignments.


  • Normally requires one (l) year of experience in various types of electrical-electronic fabrication and assembly.
  • Must have good visual and color perception and good manual dexterity.
  • Must be able to become Product Quality Verification (PQV) Level I certified within 180 days.
  • Requires the ability to read and write in English. A detailed analysis of essential job function physical and environmental factors is on file in the Human Resources Department and the First Aid Center.
  • Ability to utilize computer.

This position requires the ability to obtain and maintain a DoD Security Clearance which requires U.S. Citizenship.