Sleep Technician
East Carolina University
 Greenville, NC

Polysomnographic Record Scoring -Assist with scoring sleep/wake stages by applying professionally accepted guidelines. - Assist with scoring clinical events (such as respiratory events, cardiac events, limb movements, arousals, etc.) with center specific protocols. - Assist with the generation of accurate reports by tabulating sleep/wake and clinical event data. Gather and Analyze Patient Information - Review history, physical information, medications, procedure request, and study protocol - Complete and verify documentation - Explain the procedure and orient that patient to the sleep center Testing and Preparation Procedures - Prepare and calibrate equipment required for testing to determine proper functioning and make adjustments, if necessary - Apply electrodes and sensors according to accepted published standards - Perform appropriate physiologic calibrations to ensure proper signals and make adjustments, if necessary - Perform routine positive airway pressure (PAP) mask fitting