Boar Stud Animal Care Worker

Christensen Farms Greenup, IL
Position Overview and Responsibilities:

This position is an entry-level production position that has responsibility for collecting semen from the boars and bagging and preparing the semen to be shipped to the appropriate location.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

* Feeding, watering and treatment of the animals according to company SOP's.

* Collecting semen from boars.

* Bagging of semen using the mini VSP or MAPS machine.

* Pack, prepare, and label semen to be shipped.

* Prepare PCR (Pulimonary Chain Reaction) samples for bleeding.

* Assist with the bleeding and diagnostics process.

* Recordkeeping to check the collection list to boars.

* Cleaning of the lab and office areas.

* Perform site sanitation, including powerwashing.

* Perform preventative barn maintenance according to maintenance schedule.

* Ensure timely euthanasia.

* Maintain safety standards at all times.

* Observe and maintain bio-security protocols.