Project Manager

Timco Aviation Services, Inc. Greensboro, NC


The Project Manager is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment, managing costs and delivering a quality aircraft/product on time. The Project Manager helps develop and manage budget. His/her job responsibilities involve total control of the aircraft, which he/she has been assigned. He/she retains a consistent crew unless the work load in other areas dictates differently, in which he/she will coordinate with the DOM and other Project Managers. Perform work within budgeted time within HAECO, FAA and our customers' standards of quality. All Supervisors assigned to his/her project will report directly to him/her.


Ensure that the coordination and communication between the Lead Mechanic and Supervisors is continuous, produces acceptable productivity, and a smooth transition between shiftsPromote a culture of safety by monitoring self and others to assure all duties are performed within the guidelines as specified by the HAECO Team Member Safety Manual and address any safety issues that ariseThe Project Managers responsibility extends to Quality, Financial Results, Safety and On Time Delivery of the ProjectManage operations in the most effective manner eliminating waste and improving productivity.Must be adequately versed in all aspects of the project(s), reviewing man-hours and explain any discrepancies which the customer may haveEnsure continuous communication with and specifically give progress reports to the customer on a daily basis.Must submit a progress report on the aircraft he/she is responsible for to the Director of Maintenance on a daily basis, not later than 10:00 a.m. This report shows projected man-hours, routine and non-routine items initiated, completed and the percentages. Also in this report, he/she must include any obstacles which have any bearing on the release or financial results of the projectWill coordinate with the Project Managers on off shift to ensure the above responsibilities are carried outBuild and promote positive employee moraleAnswer Corrective Action Requests and try to find solutionsCoordinate with the Planning Department to establish project schedule, set goals and establish budgetEnsure cleanliness for all assigned work areasQualifications



* Must read, write, speak and understand the English language

* High School diploma or GED

* Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in aircraft maintenance with a minimum of 10 years supervisor experience or 1 year demonstrated ability within HAECO

* Must be able to read, write, and understand the English language

* Basic computer experience

* A&P License